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Cristaos fundamentalistas alimentando intencoes de matar muitos no apocalipse?!

domingo, maio 20th, 2018


Num artigo sobre a chacina na escola de Santa Fe’, tem o seguinte comentario, que merece atencao e investigacao:

My parents were duck hunters – but only when they visited land that we own in the Mississippi River. They kept the two shotguns buried in our basement behind boxes. Contrast to a friend of mine today who has husband with 10 guns. He worries because he doesn’t have a ” gun for every window in his house “. He plans on putting all his kids and grandkids at each window when ???????? happens? They are fundamentalist Christians. What is wrong with people today? It used to be that Christians wanted to help their neighbors; now they want to shoot them.

Raios! Cristo jamais ensinou tal coisa, ele se oporia energicamente contra esse plano. O que esta acontecendo nas igrejas ditas “cristas”? O que pastores e padres andam dizendo?