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Website: Deletar Google Analytics que esta bloqueado e pesando muito

terça-feira, junho 12th, 2018


Percebe-se por este link ( urlscan – the que tem problema de transaction

E isto se ve quando clica em ABOUT, referindo-se ao urlscan

Q: Help! The scan for my website says that a number of ads were blocked but I don’t have any ads on my page!
A: We use a number of different sources for determining ad-blocking which vary in aggressiveness. We try to show as many potentially blocked resources as possible, but not every user using and ad-blocker will necessarily be blocking all of these. Also keep in mind that ad-blockers don’t just block ads but tracking code in general. This would be Google Analytics et al.

Optogenetics, Hologramas projetados no cérebro pela Luz: fazer pesquisa

terça-feira, junho 12th, 2018


Holograms Can Now Program Brain Activity—Are Fake Experiences Next?