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Maos humanas: novos detalhes sugeridos como influencias na psique e personalidade

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Maos Humanas contam segredos da personalidade

The Secret To Your Personality Is The Length Of This Finger

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Louis Charles Morelli August 7, 2018 at 8:11 PM

There is a big secret about human hands: it is the copy of DNA’s fundamental unit of information, or DNA’s building blocks.Yours hands tells all shapes of your body in a lifetime: the palm is your pregnant mother, the pinky finger is you as a baby, the nest finger is you as a kid/teenager, the next one is you as young adult, the next is you as the boss of a family, old adult, and the last one is the senior. But,… it is not merely coincidence. When a living being needs something for survivor and ask it to DNA, the DNA sends a copy of itself to the local and build the thing. It happens that the DNA’s unit of information (two lateral sugars with four basis ) is a complete working system in itself, and Nature builds systems by applying the vital cycle, the process that changes shapes of a body. So, that’s why your hands mimics the history of your body, it is a exactly copy of a natural system.

There are a lot more secrets about your body and Nature in general, described by the new world view called Matrix/DNA Theory, because we are discovering that DNA is merely the biological shape of something that works at universal level, a kind of universal Matrix, which seems to be the God’s Genome. By while I call it as a theory, but there are too much evidences, too much right previsions, so, it deserves a look…


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Novas teorias da Mente: “The Passive frame Theory” e ” A Theory of Unconscious Thought”

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Quem sou mais Eu: o o fantasma invisível ou o visivel e materializado corpo?

Quem sou mais Eu: o fantasma invisível ou o visivel e materializado corpo?

A New Theory Suggests All Conscious Thoughts And Decisons Are Actually Made By Your Unsconsious

The “Passive Frame Theory.”

Morsella suggests that the conscious does not do nearly as much as we thought. In fact, conscious thought is just a small fraction of what is happening in the brain. Instead, it is the unconscious that is doing everything for us, and we are completely unaware of it.


A Theory of Unconscious Thought

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We present a theory about human thought named the unconscious-thought theory (UTT). The theory is applicable to decision making, impression formation, attitude formation and change, problem solving, and creativity. It distinguishes between two modes of thought: unconscious and conscious. Unconscious thought and conscious thought have different characteristics, and these different characteristics make each mode preferable under different circumstances. For instance, contrary to popular belief, decisions about simple issues can be better tackled by conscious thought, whereas decisions about complex matters can be better approached with unconscious thought. The relations between the theory and decision strategies, and between the theory and intuition, are discussed. We end by discussing caveats and future directions. © 2006 Association for Psychological Science.
A Theory of Unconscious Thought | Request PDF. Available from: [accessed Aug 06 2018].