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O que nao vemos além da luz visível e sua vibração.

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There are LOTS of things that human beings cannot see OR hear that are VERY real. My cats were alert and awake more than 20 minutes BEFORE a Richter scale magnitude 5.8 earthquake in central Oklahoma on September 3, 2016.

Oklahoma has more earthquakes than California does. Many of them are fracking induced earthquakes, but not all of them. The USGS and the Oklahoma Geological Survey have acknowledged this after years of denial. The fleeing insects and birds shoe up on Doppler radar. Humans cannot see the radio waves used in radar. We cannot see microwaves or ultraviolet light that sunburns many people.

In many ways human beings are blind and deaf to very real things.

And things that are simply transparent or not matter.
You cannot “see” still air or many gasses as they are clear, though you can tell they are there by feeling eg wind or trying to move something through it.

You cannot even see light until it’s somehow directed in to your eyes – shine a torch beam across or upwards so if does not hit anything and the only way you see the beam itself is if it reflects off dust etc. in the air..

And that’s visible light – other frequencies like infra-red or radio waves simply cannot be seen or detected without tools

Our eyes are easily fooled – which is what optical illusions are all about. We can see things that are not there – like rainbows. There is plenty we can’t see.

Biólogos e a grande falha no seu pensamento científico moderno: corpos vivos não são sistemas.

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Your question can’t be answered until you define what you mean by “system.” In all my years of experience as a biologist I have never heard “all living being” described as a system.
Bulldog Drummond· 12 hours ago
Minha pergunta a Bulldog:

Great, Buildog! I am waiting some biologists saying that all my life. There are systems, mass of systems, and merely, processes among parts inside a system. If living bodies are not systems in itself, what are they? Please, I need this answer.

Questoes levantadas pela Matrix/DNA no Yahoo Answers

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perguntas postadas em 11/08/18


TheUniversalMatrixWhy human hands mimics the shape of DNA’s unit of information? Why the shape and functionality of fingers mimics the shapes of our body?
Which is the evolutionary link between cosmological and biological evolutions?
Update: We search the evolutionary link between primates and humans. Why we don’t search the evolutionary link between the prior cosmological evolution (Big Bang to 10 billions years) and the later biological evolution (from 10 billions years to now)?Why we are separating Universal evolution into two separated blocks?
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Life comes from non-life? Do you know any natural system that didn’t come from another system? All living being is a system, so…?

All humans’ social systems is mimicking the jungle social systems of all animals:big predators, medium predators and preys. Why?