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Livros e-book e papel: como por nas bibliotecas

segunda-feira, março 4th, 2019


Bibliotecas tambem estao tendo e-books.

“immigrants have requested books in their native languages (the library orders books in 22 languages). Students have asked for books on their summer reading lists.” – Entao daqui surge uma ideia: se reunir um maior numero de brasileiros e portugueses desta região enviando e-mail as bibliotecas de New jersey and NY pedindo meu livro em portugues, pode funcionar… E preciso ver se para pedir o imigrante tem que ter a carteira da biblioteca.

… ” everything helps. So keep those five-star Amazon reviews coming. – E-books da Amazon podem ser selecionados pelos reviews com cinco estrelas

The New York Times:

Every book has to earn its spot in one of the world’s leading public library collections. Here’s what it takes.

” Even first-time or unknown authors get noticed when backed by major publishing houses, including Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan Publishers, Hachette Book Group and HarperCollins Publishers. The selectors often try to have at least one copy of a new release in the library catalog in case it takes off. But self-published authors are not entirely shut out (see below).”

The NY library has the library’s circulating collection of nearly 5 million books, 1.7 million e-books and 177,000 audiobooks.