Video-Conferencia: Why is There Something and not Nothing?


Insistem os cosmologistas com a teoria de que no inicio havia apenas um pequeno ponto onde toda a massa e energia deste Universo estavam estocadas. Isto foi repetido a exaustão hoje na conferencia ( hangout do Google+) com link abaixo. Eu não resisti a deixar la o seguinte comentário:

Why not Nothing?! I can’t understand why cosmologists prefers theories imagination=based than theories reality-based. Everything was reduced to a little primordial point? Ok,  we have here and now a sample about something big and complex that was a little primordial point: a human being and its initial chromosome. Is the Universe expanding? No problem: at every process of embryogenesis the fetus is expanding.  There was a big bang? Again, there was a bang when the spermatozoon’ membrane “exploded” at the center of the ovule. And so on, we have just here a miniature of the Universe History. But no cosmologist, no scientist, are researching this paradigma, only I am doing it at and I have already 2.000 evidences favoring this theory. It is normal to humanity at this earlier times to behavior like children,preferring imagination than reality… but is time to wake up.