A História da Evolução do Universo por Deus ou Não, Resumida em Poucas Palavras



Is the theory of evolution correct?

 Is it proven correct?

Or was Adam and Eve real?

Which one is true?


TheUniversalMatrix – posted 3/25/2016
The two alternatives are true.The Darwinian Theory of Evolution and its modern version, the Modern Synthesis are right but not completed, and Adam and Eve existed but were not living beings. If you want detailed explanation see the source below..

Evolution is a universal natural process that has worked from the first elementary particles, atoms, galaxies to consciousness. It is a process containing seven variables or mechanisms, and Darwin’s theory knows only three: VSI = Variation, Selection,Inheritance. The other four mechanisms were more expressed during cosmological evolution, they are about systems thermodynamics, like entropy of living and non-living systems, chaos and order producing new states of matter, etc.They affects biological evolution at the point of transformations of species. The gaps that evolutionary theory can not explain is due the missing knowledge of these variables from universal macro evolution.

Adam and Eve is the translation of a natural event occurred with our ancestors and memorized into our DNA and at certain altered states of mind these memory are expressed, as happened with some Bible’s author. But, since that the event occurred in a different world than where the authors of Genesis was living, they had to change the elements involved in that event by symbols that human could comprehend the causes and final meaning of that event.

We, humans are product of evolution of a natural system called first cell system. The cell system was evolution from this galactic system, so, this galaxy is our ancestor, like atoms are too. The first cell was hermaphrodite because the the original galactic system was hermaphrodite as you can see its model at Matrix/DNA Theory.

There were two elements developing the sexual reproductive apparatus in mechanical/astronomical fashion. The female was a quasar containing a black hole and the male was a pulsar containing giant volcanoes emitting comets towards the female quasar for fecundation and producing new stars. This state of the universal systems which are we just now, is registered into a universal Matrix which has as biological shape called DNA. The Bible’s authors had flashes of memory with fast visions of that event, and since they did not know anything about biology and astronomy, they imagined and translated it with human known symbols.

The ancient Easterns also had same visions but they interpreted it different, as chacras, kundalines ( which are the exactly picture of DNA) and the I Ching symbol, where Adam becomes a black circle and Eve a white circle. Everything is explained now with real facts and processes compiled by the scientific method and known by any student, in Matrix/DNA world view..

Observing the electromagnetic spectrum of radiations and the resultant waves of light we discovered that natural original light has a sequence of frequency/vibrations identical to the sequence of shapes of a human body. So, light has the life’s cycle., So a wave of light has the code for all natural systems which are all living systems. But the waves of light emitted at the Big Bang only could getting energy and mass if expanding and interacting with dark matter. So, in the beginning was light and darkness, and… the code for life. As says Genesis and…the in a certain way, the scientific Standard Theory.

Your own body began at the moment that the spermatozoon`s membrane exploded at the center of an ovule, giving freedom to the code for life. Yours history mimics the 13,7 billions years of this universal evolution. But, before that spermatozoon and ovule there were yours parents. So, this Universe is merely a kind of cosmic egg or placenta composed by galaxies that are the fossils of our ancestors, where is occurring a genetic process of reproduction of the ” thing” that was before the Big Bang.

At Matrix/DNA Theory we went till the last frontier of the Universe, but we can not go beyond it. So, we doesn’t know which ” thing” is the parent of this universal system under evolution and which will finish at the day of its Big Birth. If you feels good calling it ” God” we have no real facts for saying that you are wrong. Be happy with it. CHEERS…

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