Evolução: Inserção de Virus no DNA e’ Forte Evidencia para Evolução


Common ancestry via evolution was proven when it was discovered that both humans and chimps have identical sets of damaged DNA in identical locations caused by extremely rare chance encounters with viruses who accidentally integrated themselves into an ancestral primate and became a hereditary marker across all evolutionary offspring.

These endogenized retroviruses (ERV) not only proved our ancestry with chimps, but are revealing our connection to other more distant cousins like the gorillas, gibbons and lemurs.

ERV #HERV-K10 is one such example. HERV-K10 is present in all primates and humans except for the New World Monkeys (the really small mouse-like monkeys like the tamarin and marmoset). This means that HERV-K10 virus was embedded after we all split from the New World Monkey lineage but before we split from the main primate tree. ERV #SINE-R and ZNF80 are two other embedded virus that are only found in humans, chimps and gorillas. This means that SINE-R and ZNF80 was embedded after we all split from the orangutans, gibbons and lemurs but before we split from the chimps and gorillas. ERV #SINE-RC2 is only found in humans. This means that SINE-RC2 was embedded after we split from the chimps and gorillas.

There have been more than 40 of these identical ERVs identified in the human/chimp species alone and further mapping studies indicates that there may be in excess of 100,000 ERVs across all vertebrates making a detailed history of all evolutionary relationships possible. Work is underway to identify all of the ERVs in the entire primate family. Proof of the endogenization process caan be currently seen in real time through the koala lineage who have recently become infected with a gammaretrovirus called KoRV.

ERVs are as smoking as the gun that puts criminals in jail for murder. Where a court of law only needs one match to convict a person, ERV’s provide more than 40 matches for common ancestry. It would be deniable if you could show identical chimp/human ERVs in a rabbit, whale or a cat ….. but you can’t. ERVs are viruses that infected a common ancestor – not junk DNA that just so happened to look like each other in 43 different places on our genomes.

But that’s not all there is to this story. Genetic drifting – the slow mutilation of DNA segments over time – also affects ERVs and identically mutilated ERVs have been found in humans and chimps. Lastly, the identically mutilated ERVs have also identically deteriorated over time indicating the same date of integration in humans and chimps.

Evolution became a discovered fact of nature when we unraveled DNA’s error-prone replication system and continues to yield expected results such as this: http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2012/0…

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