Hologramas: Impressionante video sobre uma tecnologia que pode desviar a humanidade do futuro como estupidez robotica


O video torna-se mais interessante do meio para o fim com as demonstrações em cena. Apesar do objetivo claro de comercio para se vender um novo produto e/ou obter financiamentos para a pesquisa, e das projeções no palco não serem reais hologramas, o significado desta tecnologia e’ de grande beneficio para a humanidade conforme explico no comentário abaixo que foi postado no Ted Talks. Para quem se interessar, clique no link e assista no Ted onde tem captions e transcript, ou seja o texto todo do video escrito.

A futuristic vision of the age of holograms

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LM – Louis Morelli –  Posted 03/30/2016

The best benefit for human kind from this technology would be to bringing back to the biological brain the control for building theoretical world views that is today under the power of the electromechanical brain. About half a century who is invading the invisible and untouchable microscopic and macroscopic dimensions are mechanical sensores connected to a mechanical brain, selecting and ignoring data that biological sensors should not do it. If we can reproduce those places and projecting the human being for feeling the place, maybe we will have time for discovering that the academic modern world view is totally mystified by the machine.

A biological brain and its natural sensors, doing a research at the Amazon jungle by seven years, feeling and asking Nature its secrets, it got a very different world view, called The MatrixLight/DNA Theory. And asking why this modern civilization went to a such wrong way the answer is: ” What do you want? Life at Earth have as host a system that can be described by Newtonian mechanics; the real researcher today is an electromechanical brain that has been modeling the biological brain for to fit between the researcher and the host. It is not weird that this civilization is going to the stupid system of the Brave New World under the Big Brother”. Yes, Mr. Alex Kipman, keep the good job, you have a heroic mission ahead, and we are hopeful that this technology be successful.


Complemento do meu post:

Machines today are guiding the human mind far away off the natural universe and I never saw nobody describing how it is happening. The human being have a biological brain and its sensors for perceiving and translating the world into their natural reasoning, which was built by the same ” living” world. The machine has an electromechanical brain and its mechanic sensors which are reaching the microscopic and macroscopic world that humans can’t reach. So, it is not a living observer perceiving these dimensions of the world, it is a being that only knows and talks Physics which is mechanic related and Math which is linearly mechanic oriented. Which will be the final meaning and result of this process?

The first incursion to these invisible dimensions, the humans drove the eletromechanical brain under informations and rules of humans. The machine’s sensor captured data and gave it back to humans. Based on these new data, humans re-programed the machine for new incursions. And more machine’s selected data, ignoring those that belongs to life’s phenomena, because the machine can not grasp them. At a given point was not anymore the biological brain drivingthe wprld’s knowledge, but the feed back from the computer’s brain. And Physics, with its language that is Math dominated human sciences and minds.

So, the new world view is not based on human life like were the ancient religions with living Gods, it is based on the machine’s history of existence.

– The machine began with the explosion motor, so the universe began with a Big Explosion;
– The meaning of machine existence is processing imputs, priducing outputs and going back to the same machine, so there was a smaller atom containing all matter and energy that grows, producing black holes that captures entire galaxies devoring them for going back tothe extreme singulairty sand to be the same atom, in a eternal return;
– The “life” of a machine is its steams and gearsthat makes runs ahead and back whithout any jump to some kind of transcendence, this is the meaning of life being transmitted by humans science just now.

We arrived to the absurdity of believing in ghosts in the sky, like black holes and infinite Nothing that produces something! Or to believe that a bunch of atoms packed as gene have external and future purposes like to replicate themselves by any way…

This Alex’s talks, be it merely a commercial intention like several comments are suggsting here, or not, is very hopeful that we could excape from the matrix that we created for us as a trap. We can not touch, smell, feeling the microscopic and macroscopic dimensions, but we must not believe in any intermediary for doing it for us.

I lived seven years in Amazon jungle as a solitary naturalist philosopher studyng that biosphere and asking the reason of our existence, and that experence made me returning like an ancestor semi-monkey feeling nature how our ancetors felt it. Every projection that I did from my perceived dimenrsion trying to elucdate those untouchable dimensions, I felt life running there. I composed a new world view where this natural universe is more living than mechanical, but when I came out, I saw this world view made by the eletromechnic brain and its sensors. I am sure