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Louis Morelli – Posted in 03/31/2016

The real signal in ours hands is that its shape and fingers coordinations are just the same shapes of ours bodies during a life time. The palm is yours body as embryo into yours mother, the smallest finger is you as baby, the other is the teenager, the other is the young adult sexually completed, the next is th old adult and the thomb is the senior going to die. If you grasp it, you will create good music expressing yours life, etc. Is it merely 6 coincidences in one? No, the reason is that everytime a new being needs and has the strong will for getting a new apendice/acessory for survival, Nature throught the building block of DNA emits the formula called Matrix/DNA, which can create any model fitted to the needs and the systemic functions of that formula are delivered for to be expressed or not. If you knows the shape of the building block (four nucleotides) you can mimic that shape with yours two hands linking the four fingers as the four nitrogenious base, the two palms as the 2 sugars and the thombs as the two streams of DNA. Everything explained in http://theuniversalmatrix.com/….