DNA Funciona como Termômetro para Nanotecnologia e MatrixLight/DNA Tem sua Explicação



Scientists build world’s tiniest thermometer out of DNA

“In the near future, we also envision that these DNA-based nanothermometers may be implement in electronic-based devices,” said researcher Alexis Vallée-Bélisle.
By Brooks Hays   |   April 27, 2016 at 12:48 PM

Scientists rearranged DNA molecules to create the world’s smallest thermometer. Photo by Leigh Prather/Shutterstock

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“…are curious to find out if there are wider fluctuations within cells.”
MatrixLight/DNA Theory suggests that yes, because different organelles have different stable temperatures. Also each kind of nucleotide must have its own temperature: A is different from G, etc. Like a cell, four adjacent nucleotides composes a working matricial system, which is the DNA unity of information, but, the key here is that these systems are composed by pieces that obeys the sequence of life’s cycles.
Nucleotides are the result of entropy attacking our astronomical system and its fragments (photons working as its genes or units of information) try to re-compose the prior building blocks’ system when they meet at a planet surface. It explains why optical markers works: the real receptors and reactors are photons are photons inside the electrons inside the nucleotides.
This tentative begins with aminoacids and finishes as the four nucleotides, at molecular level. It happens that the building blocks of astronomic systems are systems composed by seven kinds of astronomic bodies ( from planets, pulsars, stars, etc.), but these bodies shapes are merely transformations of a unique body, like a human body has several different shapes in its lifetime. When building a nucleotide system the same sequence of shapes are obeyed, so, each nucleotide/part performs the same function of its astronomic shape ancestor. We know that planets, stars, quasars, has different stable temperatures, so, this is passed on to its counterparts of the DNA’s building blocks. At cells, the organelle were joined bt symbioses between micro-organisms that performs the same life’s cycle sequence, then, each organelle must have its ideal temperature.
Ok, this is not a scientific statement, I am only observing and interpreting the formula of MatrixLight/DNA for all natural systems, which is theoretical and the researchers does not know it.
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