Ondas de Pensamentos Iguais em Todos os Humanos: Qual a Razão do mesmo Padrão?


Este tema tem duas importâncias.

Primeiro, preciso reler e pensar na fala de Uri Hasson no paragrafo 10:28 ( copiado ai embaixo) antes de escrever um livro, fazer uma palestra, ou fazer um comentario num debate. Minha diferente visão de mundo não tem um common ground na mente dos ouvintes, mesmo as palavras não tem o mesmo significado e portanto, preciso consertar estas diferenças.

Segunda, porque o tema trata de circuitos de pensamentos no cérebro, o que me interessa muito.

10:28 – But our ability to communicate relies on our ability to have common ground. Because, for example, if I’m going to use the British synonym “hackney carriage” instead of “cab,” I know that I’m going to be misaligned with most of you in the audience. This alignment depends not only on our ability to understand the basic concept; it also depends on our ability to develop common ground and understanding and shared belief systems. Because we know that in many cases, people understand the exact same story in very different ways.

Uri Hasson: This is your brain on communication

E se interessar a historia mencionada na fala, que foi contada por Jim O’Grady, vai o link do video abaixo:


Uri Hassom: “So far, I’ve only talked about what’s happening in the listener’s brain, in your brain, when you’re listening to talks. But what’s happening in the speaker’s brain, in my brain, when I’m speaking to you? To look in the speaker’s brain, we asked the speaker to go into the scanner, we scan his brain and then compare his brain responses to the brain responses of the listeners listening to the story. You have to remember that producing speech and comprehending speech are very different processes. Here we’re asking: How similar are they? To our surprise, we saw that all these complex patterns within the listeners actually came from the speaker brain. So production and comprehension rely on very similar processes. And we also found the stronger the similarity between the listener’s brain and the speaker’s brain, the better the communication. So I know that if you are completely confused now, and I do hope that this is not the case, your brain responses are very different than mine. But I also know that if you really understand me now, then your brain … and your brain … and your brain are really similar to mine.”


Ensaio para um comentário ( note a seguir que este ensaio deve ser anulado porque a premissa de que atheists e believers iriam ter o mesmo padrão de ondas esta errado, basta ver o experimento explicado a seguir o comentário):

I would appreciate this experiments made by a priest telling a history from the Bible ( like Genesis, or the history of Jesus Christ) to two groups: one composed by believers and other by atheists. We know that atheists would hate several words that believers would like it. We know the final meaning, the interpretation, the reactions should be different. But, even in this case, I think the pattern of brains’ waves should be the same. Why?

The pattern of waves are equal due our different cultures were hard-wired by the same origens of the human brains ( from an ancestor primata), or due a unique ancestor modelling and hard-wiring the physiological configuration of all brains kept a deep equal pattern into all different cultures?

If the second alternative is right (and I think so) it is not the history, not the words, phrases and meaning that produces the equal pattern. The hidden neural mechanism, the common ground, is the model of physiological configuration of all human brains, which configuration draw a systemic circuit which is the same circuit of all thoughts. 

It is a pattern inherent at all thoughts. Thoughts are projections of its creators, human beings. So, like humans are living beings, thoughts has an abstract existence mimicking living things. I mean: what classifies a human being is its process of vital cycle, when one is born, grows, get maturation, degeneration and dies. So, humans thoughts are born and dies because they are projections of who created them.

But, the brain was made obeying a physiological configuration that mimics the same pattern of life: its seven regions or pieces (glandules, elements,etc.) have developed performing functions like the different functions a human body performs due its specific shape at specific age. Then, any thought follows the same shape of systemic circuit that modelled the brain, which is the same circuit of a vital cycle process.

The history of Jim O’Grady is fragmented into slices of thoughts and this fragmentation occurs at all brains. s I said, all toughts obeys the same systemic circuit draw initialy by the life’s cycle process. Then all waves of thought will be equal, even that different persons of different cultures and humours interpretates different the same history, or, at the end, will have different reactions….

Estou errado. Veja o que O autor diz:

” So to test it in the lab, we did the following experiment. We took a story by J.D. Salinger, in which a husband lost track of his wife in the middle of a party, and he’s calling his best friend, asking, “Did you see my wife?” For half of the subjects, we said that the wife was having an affair with the best friend. For the other half, we said that the wife is loyal and the husband is very jealous. This one sentence before the story started was enough to make the brain responses of all the people that believed the wife was having an affair be very similar in these high-order areas and different than the other group. And if one sentence is enough to make your brain similar to people that think like you and very different than people that think differently than you, think how this effect is going to be amplified in real life, when we are all listening to the exact same news item after being exposed day after day after day to different media channels, like Fox News or The New York Times, that give us very different perspectives on reality.

12:10So let me summarize. If everything worked as planned tonight, I used my ability to vocalize sound to be coupled to your brains. And I used this coupling to transmit my brain patterns associated with my memories and ideas into your brains. In this, I start to reveal the hidden neural mechanism by which we communicate. And we know that in the future it will enable us to improve and facilitate communication.But these studies also reveal that communication relies on a common ground. And we have to be really worried as a society if we lose this common ground and our ability to speak with people that are slightly different than us because we let a few very strong media channels take control of the mic, and manipulate and control the way we all think. And I’m not sure how to fix it because I’m only a scientist…..”

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