Quando as Vitimas Lutam e Dão o Troco – Video


When Prey Fights Back 

The most evolutionary promissory image is the first one, about the wild pigs. They reveals a common sense of society, class, species. They protects the infants and build a line around the predator, not leaving only one to facing the predator, as does the other selfish preys. They fight together, the opposite of other preys.

People in Amazon jungle told me, first time I went there: ” You are prepared with good guns to face the big cats, anacondas, crocodiles, etc. Forget them, they are not the problem. You are not prepared for facing the big gangs of wild pigs ( in Portuguese they says “javalis” or “queixada”, that’s is the big terror in this jungle. If you listen any noise from them, do not lost a second, go up quickly the first tree you can reach. Once time they attacked our “cabana” and with their strong teeth they destroyed aluminium pans and everything”.

This is common animal from de Tayassuidae family, with samples in Central and South America. The phenomena predator/prey is a product of Nature when it is at its chaotic state. It is the biological trait coming from the universal dualism “dominant/recessive”. But all chaotic state is replaced by an ordered state, which, slowly goes destroying this dualism, towards a third more evolved result.So, I have the opinion that we need work for changing every animal and human being that still acts like predator and prey, for helping natural evolution going faster to the ordered state.

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