Veja Video: Klemen Slakonja, Mais Um Intelectual no Estilo Lula Estourando nas Paradas de Sucesso e Enganando a Juventude Russa


Klemen Slakonja as Slavoj Zizek – The Perverted Dance (Cut the Balls)

O cara e’ um filosofo russo que encontrou uma das brechas podres no sistema e ganha dinheiro sem trabalhar duro fazendo arte revolucionaria (apenas mensagens, não ações de fato, claro). O que eu penso a respeito, qual seria a solução que ele deveria estar trabalhando para, esta’ no meu comentário a seguir ( em inglês). E copio aqui a letra da musica em inglês para traduzi-la publicar a tradução aqui quando tiver tempo:

E meu comentário postado no Youtube:

Louis Charles Morelli

Louis Charles Morelli – 7/14/2016

Which balls? Those of the big predators ( the 1% high class), or those medium predators (the 14% class media) or those of the preys ( the 85% slaves, low class)? It is not the solution. The 100% are wrong. Humans came from primate ( a relative of monkeys), primate were predators and preys (carnivores and vegetarians) and the rules in the jungle are still mimicked by all social systems we had created (capitalism, communism, feudalism, etc.) Why we make social systems mimicking the rules of the jungle? Because we still keep the animal instincts of predators or preys, or both. So, the solution would be recognizing that we have these instincts and feeding the wish for changing our animal inheritance. Being prey and hard worker under low wages is such bad as being those in power, the big predators, because if there are no predators, the preys will grow as rats and will destroy the green in the planet, with them going together. What is doing Klemen? Same thing that did Lenin,Stalin,Mao Tse: they want revolution, they appeal to violence (cut the balls), so they will be leaders in power and will show their predators instincts. Do this: I wish to cut off my animal genetics and its power upon my brain, so, I don’t want to be the boss ( I don’t need it) but I will never be the prey. I will not make babies while the system is this animalism, because my son and daughter will not be slaves. Do you want my friendship, living in the same space? No boss, no employee, no close systems. Be my partner, equal to equal. And those that reaches the neutrality, surpassing these animal instincts will plan the boycott towards any thing that came from those in the power, so, they will be each time more weaker, till they decides to change too.. This is the unique solution. And this is the way to the next evolutionary jump, towards the transcendental human.


Letra da musica:

The Perverted Dance (Cut the Balls)

What’s up with this music?!

I am a philosopher, I like to provoke,
we live in perverted times,
so let me tell you a perverted joke!

A famous, dirty, horrible joke,
taking place in 15th century Russia.
A farmer and his wife walk along a dusty country road.
A Mongol warrior on a horse stops and says
“I’m gonna rape your wife and you should hold my testicles,
while I rape your wife, so that they will not get dusty.”
When he raped his wife, the Mongol warrior went away,
the farmer started to laugh and jump with joy, his wife said
“Hey, how can you be happy?! I was just brutally raped!
And he says: “But I got him. His balls are full of dust.”

Well, in reality we only dirty with dust the balls of those in power.
And now comes the dirty conclusion – the point is to cut them off!

Now let me warn you – this isn’t Macarena, not Chicken dance,
not Aserejé, not Gangnam style and so on and so on.

We stand no chance, there’s no time for romance,
it’s time to dance The Perverted Dance™!

Cut the balls,
we need to cut the balls,
we need to cut the balls,
the balls of those in power!
We need to cut the balls
and our faces won’t be sour!
Just cut the balls,
make them become Niagara falls.

Cut the balls,
we need to cut the balls,
we need to cut the balls,
the balls of those in power!
We need to cut the balls,
we can train with cauliflower!
Just cut the balls,
make them become Niagara falls.

Oh, my god, why am i doing this?! Singing, dancing?!
I feel like that disgusting guy from Canada, Justin Bieber…

So, the problem with capitalism is that it’s in the crisis from its very beginning.
From somewhere, I would say, late 18th century, there are prophets who claim capitalism is nearing its end.
It’s like that stupid bird Fenix, the more you, you know, it returns.
I got hungry, let’s grab something to eat!
What?! No meat?! Only for vegeterians ?!
Degenerates, degenaretes, they’ll all soon turn into monkeys.

I dont say let’s do nothing,
I say sometimes doing nothing is the most violent thing to do.
So cut the balls, just cut the balls!
And racism is also a problem,
so be like Kung Fu Panda – be white, black, asian
and cut the balls, just cut the balls!
They call me The Borat of Philosophy,
The Marx Brother and The Elvis of cultural theory.
Cut the crap and cut the balls, just cut the balls!

Hey, I am Slavoj Žižek!
No, I am Slavoj Žižek!
No, I am Slavoj Žižek,
Fuck that, whatever, let’s all be Slavoj Žižek!

Grab and pull the imaginary balls from the sky,
cut through the air and say bye, bye, bye.
Let’s join together, let’s fall in trance,
let’s dance The Perverted Dance™!

This stupid repetative mechanic music!
Stop it!

Thank you, thank you very much!

The problem is maybe not the big act “Cut the balls”,
but you make small changes and all of a sudden, balls are no longer there.
Those in power look down and say “Oh, where are my balls?”
and suddenly their voices get higher and so on and so on and so on.
I stand by my joke. The structure of the joke is that this so called progressive intelectual,
in order to score his small narcicistic point, oh, I dusted the balls,
totally ignores the suffering there and that’s the whole point of the joke.
So cut the balls, we need to cut the balls!

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