Ninguem entende e pode controlar a bagunca tecnologica. Matrix/DNA tem uma sugestao


The Rise of the Kluges

(kluges – overly complicated, inelegant, cobbled-together messes. Even experts can no longer fully understand or control them. Cobbled – uma bagunça, uma desordem de remendos conectados entre si). 

From the electrical grid to Toyota’s software to online dating sites, the systems we live by are inelegant messes that no one fully understands.

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Louis Morelli:

Yes, there is a formula of life (it is in my website), because life is a body which is a system and as system, it is merely the biological shape of a universal system that have another shapes, less evolved, like atoms, galaxies, etc. And this universal system is based over a formula. We are lost in this messes of systems because we don’t have the complete design of all systems that we can do if, instead drawing the systems, we draw their formula, which is one.

But, thankfully, we don’t have the understanding and control of this mess because if we will get it before the necessary evolution of our world view, we will have the Big Brother and then, we will be lost forever.

As we build our houses applying the anatomy of a human body ( the kitchen is the mouth, the bathroom is the expelling apparatus, the corridors or halls are the esophagus, etc) because the goal of a house is to accommodate and to connect the body in adaptive way to the environment, all technology are extensions of a natural system, and since this natural system is based on a formula, every branch of technology is designed by the same formula, as extensions of that formula.

Man can not create information from nothing. Every technological device is am information performing a mechanism or process already being applied and used by Nature. And as I have observed by 30 years since that I knew the formula, all mechanisms and process are inside the universal formula. We need identificate every layer of technology, every device, with its correspondent function in this formula, then, we will see the complexity as a whole and will understand it.