DNA: Video Muito Bom… Mas, Quem Fez Isto?!


Veja este excelente video. Como podes ver nos comentarios abaixo do video, a primeira impressao que ocorre a todos os humanos e’… quem fez isso?! Para mim a pergunta esta’ respondida pela metade, como podes ver no meu comentario postado no video e copiado aqui embaixo, e nas minhas respostas a outros comentarios: (Nota: mais abaixo tem o link para outro video visto por outro angulo)

Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – posted in 08/09/2016

Where this fantastic engineery came from? Nobody has solid facts proving his/her preferred theory and now, there is a new theory never nobody thought about. It is called Matrix/DNA Theory. The author discovered that organizing the seven known shapes of astronomic bodies un a specific sequence, there is a functional working system. Then, he discovered that this system is equal to a lateral par of nucleotideos, with its 7 molecules. It means that the building blocks of DNA, the fundamental unit of information, is also a working system and is the building block of galaxies! Ok, it is rational, logics: life appeared inside a galaxy, made by the galaxy. Then, biological systems are merely the next evolutionary steps from astronomic systems and the spectacular mutation is due the add of liquid state of matter which creates organic chemistry. But, following this evolutionary process backwards, the author discovered also that the same building block made off the atom system. And backwards yet, he discovered that the entire building block is designed into the electromagnetic spectrum of light waves! A light wave that was triggered at the Big Bang and invade dark matter imprinting the code for systems everywhere. You can see the Matrix/DNA formula in my website. So, you must ask to me – because I am the idiot author – where this fantastic engeneery came from? My answer: Ok, We can go till the instant of the Big Bang, the last frontier of this Universe, but I can’t go ahead. And this light waves came from beyond… so, my answer is: Like you, I don’t know… and I will die not knowing it. Sorry…
Wow that’s what pemordial soup n a bolt of lightning makes? Whoa who needs Jesus when a bolt of lightning can make this plus millions of other thing equally complex to evolve life. Hmmm intelligent design? No way just chemical soup lightning and trillions of years just the opposite of what they teach us with entropy!,,,,,
Louis Charles Morelli – 08/09/2016
They teach entropy of opened systems and the entropy that worked here came from a closed system, that’s why you think that biological systems – aka “life” – had origins different than was supposed to do entropy. Nope, it is not just soup and lightining, inside that soup and carried by photons coming from a star there was a hidden system, the ancestor of DNA. And Jesus should be less competent than Bill Gates if he did not know how to insert a code for natural systems like biological into the hardware made off dark matter of this Universe. Yours parents did it inserting the code into a liquid ocean called ovule liquid. What little god is yours!
Yes, it has everything to do with entropy. There is no more rational logics than saying that “biological systems”, aka “life”, was made inside the Milk Way and by the Milk Way. This lost and little planet alone had no all necessary forces and elements for building the first protein or RNA. Which elements in this planet was performing self-organization, self-reproduction, metabolism, etc.? If you answer that this planet created these things you are not better than Gabe’s magic Jesus. But, when you know the right model of a building block of galaxies ( see my avatar) we will be surprised that this galaxy was doing all those things billions years before life’s origins here.But, how the galaxy transferred its bits-information (aka, genes) to the primordial soup at Earth or any other planet? Entropy.This galaxy is a closed system, the academic staff does not knows the universal complete formula for closed systems, and at closed systems the free radicals produced by entropy from its periphery goes internally towards the center of the system. In this trajectory, if they meet a planet in their way, they works as seeds of new galaxies… in miniaturized level and if there is water.  By the way, universal evolution works through out a cycle alternating chaos and order. We are the state of order lifting up from the initial life state of chaos.
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