Pertencemos a algum império galáctico? Interessantes teorias


Are There Other Intelligent Civilizations Out There? Two Views on the Fermi Paradox

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Louis Charles Morelli· out/03/2016

(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)Yes, there is a galactic empire, it is located at Orion, Nebula, and there is the commander in chief of 5 spaceships responsible for our spatial region, his name is something like Austriak. The 5 spaceships were here in 1984 fixing problems of magnetic fields in solar system that was a threat to destroy it.

Is is true? Is it possible? Well, in 1984, I and thousands of people saw 5 objects flying, I don’t know what they was, ( could be meteorites?), but people that saw better said they were spaceships. I don’t know. Then, a spiritual woman from Brasil said about the capture of a message, from someone called Austriak, revealing his mission to fix our magnetic field.

is it true? I don’t know. Is it possible? Yes. There are native tribes in Amazon jungle that does not know about the existence of Brazil, they does not know that their land belongs to a country of alien white humans and they don’t know there is a superpower called USA. During the Roman Empire, some African tribes never knew they were under an empire.

Why Austriak does not talk/help us? If he is more evolved than us, he knows the world view called “Matrix/DNA” which suggests that it is not good to change the course of evolution of any species. Human beings still has the strong inheritance of animal’s genetic makeup,The proof is that all social systems created by humans ( be it communism, capitalism, feudalism, etc.) all them are based on the rules of the jungle, which social rule is shared into three kind of powers: 1) the big predators like lions, eagles,sharks; 2) the medium predators like wolves, fox; 3) the preys, sheep, cows. All human social systems mimics this rules: 1) the aristocratic or high class; 2) the medium class; 3) the hard workers under minimum wages. We are acting like animals obeying the genetic charge we inherited, we need making ourselves an exorcism of these three primary instincts or unconscious tendencies, nobody else could interfere changing it. The evolved world of the galactic empire waiting for us accepts only those that loves the cosmic concept of Justice, and nobody will be a lover of this kind of Justice if not being victimized by non-justice before, which is produced at our social systems.

But,.. the brain of a more evolved civilization has evolved sensors that our brain does not have. We can not developing technological sensors that we does not knows they exists. Our antenna has diminished into the size of pineal glande, so, we can not grasp the whole world and dimension around us made off magnetic fields, like our own bodies. Neither we can grasp the existence of such aliens. We will arrive there, but first, we need a war against our selfish animal genes. Then, Austriak will talk to us…(?)