Existem Mutacoes Geneticas? Seriam Elas as Causas da Evolucao e dos Defeitos, como as Doencas? Veja Sugestao da Matrix/DNA


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Are there mutations? Yes, same mutations occurring in embryogenesis, when a fetus becomes embryo. There are mutations on your own body just now, when the teenager becomes adult, the baby turn on to be a kid…You need to understand that biological systems (aka “life”) were produced by the forces and elements of this galaxy – the Milk Way. We have seen that neither the planet, neither the solar system had all necessary elements for this production. Galactic natural forces and elements produced here the genetic process because the genetic process – in a mechanistic and electromagnetic shape – was occurring at cosmological evolution, when the nebulae of atoms evolved to a star system, for example.So, the galactic motive for producing biological systems here is reproduction of a galactic system, by genetic process. But the embryogenesis of galaxies occurred in a very different environment and that time there was only the solid and gaseous state of matter. No chemistry, organic. That’s the cause of difference between a galaxy and a cell system, but most of apparent differences is due our standard academic model of galaxies are far away of being true. So there are mutations, or by chance, or previous naturally designed. When a mutation comes by chance, it can be selected and kept if fits in the model that are being reproduced; if not, it is discarded.The Matrix/DNA model of galaxies ( which shows a light cover of biological phenomena) suggests that the galactic reproduction as biological system finished at the monkey. Then, upon the monkey arrive information for a bigger kind of reproduction, a universal one, which brought the phenomena of the mind, or consciousness.So there is no magical creation, neither accidental creation. There is the normal natural flow of this universal Nature.