Visão Academica Sobre a Origem da Consciência versus Visão da Matrix/DNA


The Neuroscience of Consciousness

( The University of Melbourne )


Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – dez-12/12/2016 (comentario postado no Youtube)

After 13,8 billion years, consciousness emerged in the Universe. In another hand, after 6 or 8 months, consciousness emerges in a human embryo. So, it is not each human embryo creating consciousness, first time in the world.
Consciousness was sleeping at the blastula, dreaming at the fetus, woke up at the embryo. It was all past time hidden in the genetics of the new body and it came from outside the embryo’s little universe – the embryonary sac. Consciousness was existing before the existence of the baby, at its parents, the human species.
It is not each Universe creating consciousness, first time in the multiverse. Consciousness was sleeping at atoms systems, dreaming at galaxies, began waking up at plants and lifted up at human beings ( and lots of more evolved life at other planets). This Universe is not magic, it can not create things with informations it does not received at its birth. So, the Universe makes its creatures by the same method it was made. The, consciousness was existing before the Big Bang, at a kind of conscious natural system.
We, human beings, are 8 billions of genes for consciousness, carrying on our creation inside our egg-head. The brain is only the placenta, or the amnion. And must have many billions genes like us doing another parts of a universal, cosmological consciousness. So, our consciousness is not mortal, that’s it!
If we have here and now a known and visible fact showing how consciousness arises, why these people are searching unknown and never saw imaginary solutions for it? Why this continuous and disastrous tendency to mystic and metaphysics? I can’t understand… Is it very difficult to calculate that 13,8 billion years of astronomical time is equal 7 months of human time? They don’t know general relativity?!

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