Livro para Sair Correndo a Ler: Se DNA e’ Software, Quem “Escreveu” o Código?


If DNA is Software, Who “Wrote” the Code?

Louis Morelli says: jan-20/2017

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You must see my Matrix/DNA Theory, as your book and theory will give me more data for developing mine. The first manifestation of the first shape of DNA was what people call “the eletromagnetic spectrum of all seven kinds of radiations and I called the universal light wave. It is a code not only for life (aka,biological systems) but for all shapes of a unique universal system that is evolving since the Big Bang and change shapes because the light wave is the real process known as life cycle.I discovered that this light wave is also a simple software diagram like the one we apply in computers. So, the diagram is a universal formula that fits as template for all natural systems, from atoms, to galaxies, to cell systems, to brains and now, consciousness is being formed to be the new shape of this system.At my website ( you see the spectrum, the formula, and the models of atoms and galaxies over the formula.
This theory was built in Amazon jungle in seven years when studying in that whole biosphere, the systems and interactions among them.There was a common pattern (the formula) and coming from the non-biological world. The research took a burst to unexpected ways when I was watching the native people drinking the Brazilian type of hallucinogen, called “Saint Daime”. Their visionary description resulted in my drawing as pictures of chackras and kundaluni, which later I discovered was a real description of the DNA’s streams and bases.Adding their descriptions about cosmology plus the pattern at real systems, I got different astronomic models and discovered that described by metaphors those models is the same description of religions foundations, like the Eden paradise, the I Ching, etc. So, my theory is that the halluginogenous brings to counciousness flashes of memories registered in the DNA ( I think at the junk DNA) from our non-biologial ancestrals shpare of that universal system till the Big Bang.From which raised the light wave with its code.
So, this non-visible spectrum is the software, modelling dark matter into a system that evolves like our own bodies.The shapes of this systems are the generations of hardwares. The actual shape is an embryo of consciousness, we are the genes building this embryo just now. Consciousness is the abstract identity of any natural system that arises as the sum of informations of all its parts plus the inner interactions among these parts plus the interactions with the external world. Consciousness was sleeping at atoms, dreaming at galaxies, began waken up at plants and animals and is lifting up at humans and other intelligent life around this Universe, which are the other genes. In this Universe ( the egg, the placenta) is occurring a process of genetic/computational reproduction of the unknown thing that produced it.The very fact that consciousness emerged here and now means that the unknown and ex-machine must be a natural system and conscious.Our theories are complementaries, I will running by your book and my suggestion is that you need to know what no school is teaching:the real meaning and working of natural systems.Cheers,…

Louis Morelli says:

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Sorry the poor English and digited errors above. There is something important for you knowing: the explanation why these hallucinogens works this way. Plant’s cells were the first built as biological systems. They were built by photons/bits information coming from stars and this planet’s nuclei. It happens that this astronomical system is a closed system which is the application of the Matrix/DNA formula in its perfect state.So, plant cells try to mimic its creator – or ancestral – as closed system, that’s why they do photosynthesis, linked direct to a star. Animals cells is missing an important systemic function – performed by the chloroplasts – then, animal cells are opened systems. And our brain, as product of animal cell are opened systems, also. When the perfect closed formula from the plant is absorbed by the brain, the neural network is rewired towards approximating the state of closed system, the perfect state. It seems that the mind is mixed with the creator system, which is cosmological, so, those phantastic visions, theogonies,magical thinking, etc. At my website the formula is draw as closed system, but you can see it as opened system retiring any piece.Cheers,…

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