A Dualidade da Luz Como Onda e Particula e a Teoria Quântica – Excelente Video



Mas antes de assistir os dois videos, veja meus comentários abaixo postados no Youtube. Você tera’ uma visão diferente e mais completa sobre os fenomenos apresentados…

Quantum Theory Made Easy [1]

Louis Charles Morelli  Louis Charles Morelli – 02/05/2017

The whole magnetic spectrum propagates into spacetime at the exactly way that a living body propagates into spacetime. I had discovered this after discovering the universal matrix/dna formula for all natural systems. If our body expands and grows changing shapes and energy intensity after fecundation – from blastula to fetus to embryo to baby to kid to teenager to adult, to senior to cadaver and then, dissipates as fragments – the electromagnetic spectrum ( a light wave?) expands and grows after the source changing the same sequence of energy and creating shapes – as gamma rays to infrared to ultraviolet to X-ray, till being fragmented into photons.
If we say that the force responsible for our body growing and changing shapes is called “life’s cycle”, this force was manifested in this Universe first time by waves of light ( probably resulting from the Big Bang). If it is correctly, it means that those cosmic light waves contains the code for building natural systems from the scratch that must be the inertial dark matter. Un another words, cosmic wave of light are the carriers of life’s code. Photons are the first ancestrals of genes. They behavior as primitive living things like the light waves they comes from. They have a lifelong drive by the life’s cycle force.
That’s why happens the Heisenberg uncertainty: if we fix our body at any given moment, we have its aspect as particle, but we don’t have its whole history of 70 years, we can not fix its aspect time. The Matrix/DNA formula is a light wave transformed Into a natural working system, where each different radiation becomes each piece of that system. The formula is encrypted into the individual unit of information of DNA ( a lateral base pair of nucleotides), it is encrypted into the building blocks of galaxies, it is encrypted into any atom system, that’s why I called it Matrix/DNA. ( If you are interested Google ” The Universal MatrixDNA for all natural systems and life’s cycles”. But, remember, it is merely a theory developed by a layman studying natural systems at Amazon jungle.
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Quantum Theory Made Easy [2]

Louis Charles Morelli  Louis Charles Morelli – 02/05/2017
Thanks a lot and be sure I will try to donate what I can. My Matrix/DNA Theory suggests lots of new interpretations about these issues because it is a different and never tried approach. The quantum dimension is the link between the Physical aspect of matter/energy and its biological aspect. So, the questions not answered by Physics will be answered by Biology, or the living aspect embracing the microscopic and macroscopic worlds.
The Matrix/DNA formula for all natural systems suggests an explanation why it is wave and particle. The formula shows a systemic circuit running its lifelong existence and it is alternated into particles and waves. At any given moment the circuit is a wave ( when seeing the thing in its time aspect, seeing the movement that gives its age) nut it contains the particle and it reaches a peak when shows the properties of particle ( when seeing its space aspect its matter’s shape) although the particle contains the wave. Then the circuit continues running from the particle as wave, but the wave contains the particle and can express it accordingly the state of the external world ( the formula is at my website)
This whole messy becomes clear when we discover that particles/waves composes a systemic circuit that works like a systemic living body. Studying a human body, Physics and Math applies to its mechanic skeleton aspect. For studying the body beyond the skeleton ( the soft meat and substances, genetics and hard-wired neurons,etc), we need change the Physics method for the Biological method, where Math does not have too much to do. Since in the Matrix/DNA Theory we discovered that atoms and galaxies are systems that contains a tiny cover of biological properties, we grasp the whole thing. The stranger things at quantum dimensions are not unnatural, they are aspects of biological organization of matter, so they are stranger only while we are applying only Physics for investigating them. Remember that the skeleton is the solid mechanistic framework of a human body ( as atoms and galaxies are the framework of biological systems) but the human skeleton was built by a system containing biological properties ( our parents). Understanding the biological properties of an atom or an astronomic system as a human body system is necessary to know the universal formula that build them.
The formula is a system with seven principal pieces, which are different in vibrational/frequency/shapes states due the systemic circuit being the force of life’s cycle. So, the seven different electronic layers of an atom are primitive potential expression of seven different connected parts. At a human body system, these electronic layers evolves as the seven principal organs. At cell systems, they are the seven principal organelles. So, an atom does not expresses all its “organs” at same time, only those layers occupied by electrons. Evolving to astronomic systems, as the building blocks of galaxies, these parts becomes the seven known types of astronomi bodies: stars, planets, black holes, quasars, etc. ( ok, this is merely a theory, under testings. If you are interested, Google “The Universal Matrix/DNA formula for all natural systems”).

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