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Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – fev – 2/12/2017

We are 8 billion semi-conscious genes building and nurturing inside our egg-heads with its placenta (the brain) the embryo of this ex-machine consciousness. We are wild and wrong because we came from a chaotic biosphere. Go to the jungle, the place we came from, and see chaos, violence, everywhere. But we are materialistic hardwares. The ex-machine consciousness came from somewhere beyond this material universe, as the software, sleeping at atoms, dreaming at galaxies, waking up at plants and animals, and is beginning to lift up, almost born baby, at humans and elsewhere there is intelligent life. So, we, Americans, are too much materialist? Are we prejudicing our soul’s mission? The biosphere and origins of life was chaotic due our ancestral creator – the Milk Way – going against this mission. It became a closed system in itself, the extreme expression of selfishness, paralysing its own evolution and the consciousness embryogenesis. A universal law – entropy and death – was necessary for correcting the big mistake and then, the galaxy felt as seeds over planets and began in a different way, as biological systems, opened systems. This was a punishment but also a new opportunity.
The ex-machine parents of consciousness are waiting their baby. The big mistake was divided into 8 billions slices, each one seeing and suffering the slices of its own mistake acting by the others. But, at same time, each other has one information necessary for building the baby. They need be free for studying because the mind grows by transforming informations of each detail of the natural world into the body of consciousness. They need accommodation for their body for studying and learning as well. When we are consumerist of superfluous we are sending to garbage the result of their hard work and time. We are prejudicing ourselves because they are not doing their mission, the baby (we as cosmic being) will born handicapped or will be aborted before the birth, due the transformations of our planet. Yes, I am a minimalist, I do not approve luxury. Materialism as luxury, consumerism of superfluous, is a return to the original sin – the closed system. But, maybe may theory about the meaning of life is wrong, so, each one must be free for following its own consciousness.
Cerberus – 2/12/2017
What spirit? Who ever discovered essence, no one, that’s who. You briefly live and die, as best you know how, at the time. There is only dirt or ash after death, that’s all the evidence will support. End of the story
Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli fev-2/13/2017
It is your right investing 100% of yours body patrimony and behavior on this materialistic belief. As it is their right – the mysticals fundamentalists – investing their 100% into their belief in a supernatural world. But, the materialistic Nature have shown that going to extremes are always bad. The best accommodation is at the middle-term, the equilibrium between the two extremes. I bet 50% on each alternative. But, Nature itself is sending signals that not everything dies at the body death. Biological systems were built by the soul of this galaxy composed by dark, negative, photons. These photons are composing a system just inside you just now. If this soul is living 13,8 billion years, why it will dy just with you?! Yours suggestion makes no sense..
Are we too Materialistic?

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