Cerebro e Campo Magnetico da Ionosfera: 10.5 Hz


A frequencia media pela qual circula o potencial minimo na cavidade da ionosfera terrestre e’ a mesma frequencia dominante como ritmo da onda potencial no cerebro.  Alguns cientistas sugerem que isso nao pode ser mera coincidencia. Na teoria da Matrix/DNA, e depois da descoberta da luz “viva”, varios modelos e formulas estao sugerindo que elementos de uma mesma orbita possuem uma vibracao igual entre si, porem diferentes dos elementos nas orbitas vizinhas.

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Solar and geomagnetic activity, extremely low frequency magnetic and electric fields and human health at the Earth’s surface

Hainsworth (1983) noted that the average frequency at which there is minimum power circulating in the Earth-ionosphere cavity is the same frequency as the dominant human brain-wave rhythm—10.5 Hz. Cannon and Rycroft (1982) and more recently Schlegel and Fu ¨llekrug (1999) reported the effects on Schumann resonances produced by ionospheric disturbances induced by solar activity. Solar Proton Events (SPEs) have been found to decrease the frequency of the Schumann Resonance modes. Roldugin et al. (2001) found that, during the peak of four SPEs, the frequency of the first Schumann mode decreased by about 0.15 Hz, as measured in the Kola Peninsula of Russia. Roldugin et al. (2001) also reported an increase in the frequency and a resonance bandwidth decrease of about 0.2 Hz of the first Schumann mode as a result of a very intense solar X-ray burst. Any change in the Schumann resonance signals due to ionospheric disturbances will be superposed on the diurnal (i.e. circadian) variations due to solar heating and ionisation on the dayside. As visual and auditory stimulation produce biological effects, Hainsworth (1983) argues that electromagnetic signals at frequencies in the brain wave spectrum can be expected to produce biological effects too. He also argues that the association with the human alpha-rhythm near 10 Hz with the frequency of a minimum energy in the Schumann resonance spectrum and, therefore, of minimum natural interference is unlikely to be coincidence

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