Porque as celulas fazem tanto trabalho sem beneficios, pagamentos?


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Molecular Visualizations of DNA – Original High Quality Version


Ben David Ben David – 3 years ago

The real question here is….why? What makes these cells DO what they DO? What if they decided not to form chromosomes one day. What is the reason these cells want to do this? I want a Vsauce video on that.

Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – 4/26/2017

Maybe epigenetics could answer that? It is obvious that cells did not created this things for itself, the cell alone do not need it for surviving. The order for creating these things came from outside the cell?
If so, it was something that need these things and jobs done. What? Who?
My personal method of investigation (comparative anatomy between living and non-living systems) suggested a surprising answer: it is this galaxy…
How? For what? How is merely entropy fragmenting the stars into bits-information and these bits joining at a planet surface try to reproduce the system where they came from, naturally and microscopically, applying nanotechnology. Like an adult human applies nanotechnology and is reduced to a microscopic genome.
The cell is a real and faithful reproduction of our galaxy, with some mutations due different environment, matter, water, etc.. The problem that humans are not seeing it is due they do not know how this galaxy works as a system, their theoretical model of galaxies are wrong.
But… why this galaxy wants to reproduce itself?
It doesn’t. It is a force that passing through it that leads to reproduction. This force is waves of light, coming since the Big Bang. A natural original wave of light seems a living thing. Its propagation is due the same force that makes your body to propagating into space time, growing and becoming old. We cal this force as ” life’s cycle”. This force makes your body be transformed into seven meaning shapes: blastulae, foetus, baby, kid, teenager,adult, senior,… cadaver. A wave of light has changed seven shapes as gamma rays, ultraviolet, radio waves,etc.
So, why cells do what they do? The answer is the same for why galaxies and atoms do what they do. The why comes with a wave of light at the Big Bang. And why light do it? Well, my method lead me till the last frontier of the universe and at the moment of the Big Bang. I stopped there. Since that light is coming beyond… I don’t know…
But, the universal history suggests a theory: that light is the genome of the thing that produced this egg universe for reproducing itself, naturally… What is the “thing”? I don’t know… What else we can see is that every living and counscious being in this Universe is a gene building the counciousness of the baby of that “thing”…
( if you want to see the models of cells, galaxies, atoms that fits this evolutionary lineage, google ” The Universal Matrix for Natural Systems and Life’s Cycles”.

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