A Descoberta que Originou a Teoria da Origem da Vida No Fundo Oceanico



Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – May-5/4/2017

The seed of life coming from astronomic systems is complete when the energy of a planet’s nucleus meets the energy of a star. If hydrothermal vents brought the planet’s energy to the planet surface, then, life began at the beach. These deep ocean vents can create half of a cell, or the first molecules till some organelles. But the first complete cell – a real true living thing – needs the sun energy, from developing the others cell’s elements. Science will discover that this biochemical photosynthesis is degeneration of plant photosynthesis, as these living things at deep sea. Instead evolving to amphybians, they went back to deep sea due some atractors. At least, this is what is suggesting the models of Matrix/DNA Theory

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