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 Post by Matt C – 6/3/2017
Louis Charles Morelli  – but there is no way to tell if there was an original propagation of light carrying genetic information, so the chances of you having discovered it I’d say are pretty slim. there are no astronomical bodies with the same configuration as a nucleotide. carbon atoms have not got the same configuration as any astronomical bodies, apart from solar systems in the fact that they both have a central round thing being orbited by several smaller presumably round things. I’ve looked on your website and it simply shows that you came up with your theory first and then looked for evidence for it which resulted in you making random slight parallels into evidence to fit your theory. your theory holds no logic, no credibility and no evidence.
1) there is no way to tell if there was an original propagation of light carrying genetic information
Matt C – I will answer with several posts, ok?
1) there are no astronomical bodies with the same configuration as a nucleotide
Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli – 6/3/2017
Matt C – I will answer with several posts, ok?
1) there are no astronomical bodies with the same configuration as a nucleotide
Of course, not. I did not said that. Before explaining this in other words, Matt C, I need remember something. Sorry but our modern academic Sciences has a big hole in its method that is responsible for Science weakness today, as in the issue of diseases, etc. The big hole is about “natural systems”. For example, the Genoma Project was believing in ” one disease, one gene”. Venter discovered that it is not, each disease is due a network of spread genes in the DNA. But,… the DNA is a messy of millions systems, each one composed by a number of genes, so, the right is: “each disease, each genetic-system”. It happens that no Science field knows what is a real natural working system. If they knew it, they would be able to identificate and separating each genetic system, then, identifying the system producing each disease.
But, knowing what is a natural system is very easy, because Nature knows only one kind of system, which has been applied since the Big Bang for organizing matter/energy in a workable way, in architectures. This universal system is a formula, which we can translate it as a the must simplest diagram of software ( its appearance is simplest but its network hided all complexity we know in Nature. When you understand the whole thing, you learn to identifying what is hidden)).
It is like saying: ” All species of living things has in common, a biological formula, called DNA “. Then, you can say: ” All natural systems, be it electric-magnetic (atoms, etc.), mechanic (astronomic systems), biological ( living beings),… has in common, a universal DNA, a formula, called ( this is my chosen name, you can chose other), Matrix/DNA. What we know by a building block of DNA is merely the biological shape of a universal formula that is driving universal evolution since the Big Bang.) This formula makes the internal structure, the energetic circuit, the flow of informations, the systemic configuration, the parts and the nucleus of all known natural system.
Why the whole staff of academic and private Science did not get it ? Science began in the right way for humans, with the reductionist method, which is opposite, or complementary, to the systemic method. Our scientific instruments could grasp ( seeing the whole body) corpuscular structures, but not the network of connections among structures. There were some intuitions towards systems, like Margullis and its symbiotic theory, or Fritjof Capra, with “The Tao of Physics”. Then came Bertallanfy trying to do what Francis Bacon did with the reductionist method: a big initial theory of systems, a collection of everything that had some systemic appearance. But not knowing what is a system, how it is composed, how it works, where to grasp a synapse of connection between two parts, his big job stopped by century. Then, some Mathematicians and Physics, as Wiener, Rosemberg, etc, take the approach but thinking about systems as computational cybernetics. It is not this way that natural system works and is revealed. And nobody went back to Bertallanfy for resuscitating the systemic approach, the scientific knowledge is zero today. They are confusing systems with merely slices of processes inside a whole system.
I can’t say more in this post, but I have 30 years seeing the world, each natural phenomena, from this systemic perspective, always identifying the formula at each phenomena and getting a specific interpretation that fits very well in the big picture – from the Big Bang to consciousness. If you are interested in natural systems, you can tell here, we will continue in other posts.
So, you are right: there is no astronomical body with same configuration of nucleotide. I am saying that the system to which any astronomical body belongs has the configuration ( the same natural formula, or Matrix/DNA ) that has not a nucleotide, but a lateral base-pair of nucleotides with two sugars and four nitrogenous bases, which composition is a complete working system. But you need see over the table the model of an astronomical system, at the side of the Matrix/DNA formula, at the side of a nucleotide system, for understand it. Cheers…
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3) carbon atoms have not got the same configuration as any astronomical bodies
4)you came up with your theory first and then looked for evidence for it which resulted in you making random slight parallels into evidence to fit your theory
5) your theory holds no logic, no credibility and no evidence.

cq33xxcq33xx2 days ago

so how life started?

Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli – 6/3/2017

Ok, you are in a good track. You are not convinced by people that think inside the box. They think that knows how life started and you know that they doesn’t know. Maybe you find the answer thinking outside the box. i did it and I find an answer that makes sense. Let’s go trying it? Your own life started with a Big Bang, when the membrane’s spermatozoon exploded inside an ovule. if you put over the table the shapes of the Universe from the Big Bang till galaxies ( where cosmological evolution became biological evolution at Earth), and at the side, you put the shapes of your body from that big bang to morulae, blastulae, you will see the same shapes. So, if your own life started and evolved same way of the Universe, it means that life did not started at Earth, but at the first moment of the Universe. There was no origins of life here. Lol… never nobody said that, this is thinking outside the box, really
Texto-resposta para Jay C ( postou a uma semana atras), que nao foi publicado pelo site fora do ar:
Jay C – My two cents here. Hm Grraarrpffrzz explained Materialistic Evolution (ME) in a brilliant way and his counter-arguments about the Christian God showed that this belief does not make sense, but still you can save something of God. Pay attention that ME’s hypothesis only postergate the problem of DNA information to another question: where the RNA information came from? And that DNA replication explains DNA formation does not explain the formation of the first DNA or RNA, or any biological molecule. Where were at the physical world before life’s origins something that was replicating itself? Nobody answered this question. But your assertion that information from chemicals to life was a kind of message or code and message only comes from intelligence is not true. There is no genetic code, no message in the DNA. For explaining it let’s apply another question: There are 8 billion humans. Each human has something different from all others, so, we can say that each human is a unique and specific information. Something he/she will do different from all others. Could we say that Humanity ( the sum of 8 billion humans) is a code, or a message? No. DNA is a pile of millions of different individuals, the fundamental unit of information: a lateral base-pair of nucleotides. It happens that each lateral base-pair of nucleotideos is a system in itself. It is just the universal formula of natural systems, where the two sugars at the strands are F1 and F4, and the four bases are F2,F3,F6 and F7. A fifth base, uracil , is responsible for these systems reproductions into new systems. All these millions of systems are derivation from a universal template, like all humans are derivations of a human species shape. Since this formula is the template of the – not only Earth environment, but the whole inter-galactic environment – and biological organization of matter is merely a process of reproduction of the whole galactic system, the environment produces new copies of DNA’s units for to develop this process. So, there is no genetic code, there is no message, there is no origins of life and there is no abiogenesis. There is a universal reproduction of a unique system coming from the Big Bang, being transformed into new shapes (atoms>galaxies>RNA/DNA’s building blocks>cells>monkeys>…). Ok, at monkeys, materialistic evolution opens the door to a ex-machine being and here maybe a kind of God is possible. I will explain: Each human baby’s brain expresses consciousness at 6 or 8 month of embryognesis. But, you know, it is not the baby’s brain creating consciousness first time in the Universe, it already was existing at human species, outside the little universe of the embryo. It happens that we are seeing this ” consciousness” existing as potentiality and under evolution since the Big bang as the identity of any ancestor system. Consciousness was sleeping at atoms, dreaming at galaxies, beginning to wake up at cells and now it is a fetus or embryo inside humans heads, an embryo that still has no opened its own eyes for to see its own body. If human babies takes 6 or 8 months for expressing consciousness from its parents, and humans are the shape of the universal system here and now, it means that the ex-machine system takes astronomical 13,8 billion years. What is the problem? It is relativistic to size, time, etc. So, this universe is merely an agglomerate of galaxies like the placenta is an agglomerate of cells and inside this universal placenta is occurring a natural process of genetic reproduction of the unknown ex-machine conscious natural system existing beyond the universe. So, something from God is safe… yet. But, please, not the absurd Bible’s God, a pregnant mother and the father does not make interference at the work of the genes building their baby. Be happy that you ( as part of all conscious beings working just now at millions of galaxies ) will be one baby that will born at the end of this universal placenta, at the day of the Big Birth. ( but, ok, I only suggested to you a new theory based on Naturalistic Ex-Machine Evolution. Cheers…