Vida Extraterrestre: Nova teoria


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Hibernating Aliens Could Explain The Great Silence



thematrixdna @thematrixdna

Reading all comments here, nobody remembered this possibility. Matrix/DNA Theory is suggesting that any advanced life form more evolved than human beings, will create its own environment, where a unique astronomical body performs the seven systemic functions performed today by the known seven kinds of astronomic bodies. Such final astronomical body and the physical structure of such life form, I think, can not be detectable by our current technology.
Stars, planets, quasar, pulsar, comets ,black holes, moon, each one has a specific systemic function that fits this life form needs. So, why not resume 7 into 1, having everything at the same time/space?
For understanding such astronomical body you need know the astronomical systemic model that works like the perfect automated machine, almost a perpetum motor, at my website.
People are forgetting that the first change when any new intelligent species does is about its environment, like humans changed the landscape of jungle into urban cities.

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