Origem da Vida: Desconhecimento das Condicoes Ambientais Iniciais da Terra x Sugestao Astronomica da Matrix DNA


+Jorge Juarez – We have not reproduced life and proved abiogenesis because we do not know the exact conditions of early Earth. That is why we are unable to replicate it. That is the whole point; we are trying to find the conditions of early Earth. We have an idea, but its too long ago to know exactly. Thus, scientists are trying different methods and environments. We are slowly narrowing it down. The key is replicating the EXACT same conditions. Given that this was 4 BILLION YEARS AGO, I think a lot of credit is due to the fact we ALREADY have RNA forming in labs. This I think is your misunderstanding. We DO know how life formed. We DO know the process. What we don’t know is the environment.