Contra-Inteligente Designer: Exemplos tecnicos de mal designer


Extrai isso de um comentario visto na Internet e nesta forma escrita em ingles pode ajudar num debate:

If there is a Creator god, he made a pretty shit job of designing humans. Our bodies are not examples of a perfect, holy design by a Creator. They are examples of bad design. For example,
1) the danger of placing the oesophagus next to the larynx, which is a stupid idea that kills many.
2) The problem we have with our backs is because we haven’t long evolved from tree-dwelling animals, who did not walk upright.
3) The area at the back of the eyeball, which receives the most light, the fovea, is not light-sensitive because that’s where the optic nerve enters the eyeball – a very silly idea which means we don’t see as well as we could.
And so on and so on. The human body is riddled with examples not of design, but of evolution doing what it does as a gradual process of change. If God did design us, he’s a crap designer who obviously wasn’t paying much attention in class. It’s a stupid and childish idea that we are not products of evolution. Your God is a joke.