Argumento a Favor da Matrix/DNA: Darwinismo e’ super-simplificacao


varios argumentos uteis neste debate, defendidos por GravityBoy:

You are yet again oversimplifying the process. What you are describing is a basic chemical process, chemicals react and more chemicals are created. Dr Stephen Meyer has demolished the RNA world view in Signature in the Cell and in later rebuttals of criticism. Enzymes are billions of order of magnitude away from a 2 meter long information chain containing 3 billion bits of information wound and packed in just the right way within a membrane that allows just the right material back and forth and has micro-machines literally doing jobs based on information they find. It looks like a designed factory. One tiny cell contains ALL the information and tools needed to build a human body. Yet these cells are supposedly blind to the greater whole. Every hair, every tiny vein, the temperature control system, blood pressure system, bodily auto-pilot systems, the eye, the nervous system, breathing, eating, waste systems, the incredible totality. All of it in one cell. It is more vastly complex than anything man-made and yet if you saw a man-made object like a Jumbo Jet you would never for a second think it was produced by random forces. Like I said I’m not arguing for God, especially the one of the Bible – I’m arguing that the simple view of evolution doesn’t work either.

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