Biologia Holistica: Novo termo técnico na direcao do pensamento sistemico


“Although he believes “the time of explaining through radical reduction is over,” he acknowledged few biologists seemed ready to accept the more holistic “new biology.”

O texto acima, obtido no link abaixo, e’ de um artigo onde criacionistas estao achando que novidades da biologia moderna, como a epigenetica, e’ uma oportunudade para a religiao voltar `a arena cientifica depois de ter sido expulsa pelo reducionismo materialista. Mas abaixo vai tambem um link para o Pharyngula sobre a critica do PZ Myers a esta esperanca criacionista ( e tambem a copia de meu comentario).

Pharyngula: The atheist dilemma

E meu comentario que enviei para o Pharyngula mas parece que nao foi publicado ainda:

( usei conta do Google+, em 8/05/2017)

Reductionism have guided humans to a wrong world view because it hiddens the natural hierarchy of systems. Systems like a cell are made of systems that are made of systems while cells are inside systems that are inside systems, allways up and down. So, any system is influenced by its sub-systems and by the systems it is inside.
The big problem is that all these systems are actually, derived shapes of a unique universal system. Which makes its different shapes, sizes, complexity, etc., is that this universal system is under evolution, and it obeys the process of life’s cycles. Like human bodies shows different shapes in a lifetime due this process. You know that the shape of a baby will have total influence in modelling the shape of the adult,… If you do not consider it, you will be not able to understand the full mechanisms and processes of the past evolution that leads to the adult. here is the big problem with the reductionist mindset and world view.
Cells contains atoms systems and are inside galactic systems. These systems are the same cell, before and after, down and up. Medicine is still struggling around the millenar mortal diseases, genes behavior remains complicated, we don’t get the health syncronization with our nature, etc. Epigenetics, hollistic biology as systems biology, all of systemic thought is our future, and this not will lead us to magical gods….


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