Cientistas procuram a energia que ativa campo magnetico nos nucleos de luas


Isto interessa na teoria do germe estelar:

“It was generally thought that planetary bodies as small as the moon could not have magnetic fields lasting for billions of years because their small sizes would cause their cores to cool and run out of energy to power a dynamo relatively early in solar system’s history,” Tikoo said. “Therefore, showing that the moon generated a field that lasted at for least 2 billion years, either in a continuous or intermittent state, really pushes the boundaries on what we thought was possible. It challenges us to think of new power sources and mechanisms that can help give the cores of small bodies an energy boost.” – Surprise Finding About Moon Puts Hunt for Alien Life in New Light – Aug.10.2017 via NBC News

Germe estelar como nucleo de planetas

germe estelar morto?

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