Phi Number:As diferencas de Comprimento da Onda de Luz e’ a Divina Proporcao, ou Razao Aurea?


Explorando a recente ideia de que a divina proporcao, ou “ratio”, pode ser causada pelo aumento de tamanho em cada onda, que seria sempre 1,618 a mais que a anterior. Entao

__A____|_____B______   onde A + B = C e > B = 1,618


Esta razao entre as faixas da onda da’ origem a “root sequence”, ou seja, todas as seqencias matematicas, como a aritmetica sequencia, a Fibonacci sequence, geometry sequences, triangular sequences, etc. Quando essa linha nodular e’ encurvada, forma os aneis cada qual contend uma sequencia, porem, devido cada faixa ser mais que 1, ( sendo 1 para todas as faixas se elas fossem do mesmo tamanho), ou seja, e’ 1,618, ao inves de esferas concentricas, resulta numa espiral. Esta espiral e’ que da’ aquelas formas belas aos organismos, flores, etc. Entao, o desenho ou a montagem dos organismos e’ construido pela presenca de uma onda que cresce deixando sua marca espiralada. Em outras palavras – desde que a linha de onda e’ a formula da Matrix/DNA, cada desenho ou montage nesse estilo indica que foi criada pela Mattrix/DNA.

Mais exemplos do Phi:

Phi ou Fibonacci numbers nos bracos e maosNumero Phi nas formas de maos e bracos.


There are many examples of the Divine Proportion found throughout the design of the universe and everything in it, but let’s take a look at one of the most important things first: You!

Let’s start with something simple. Take your hand off your keyboard or mouse and look at the proportions of your index finger.
Hold your hand up to the screen. Don’t be shy!

Each section of your index finger, from the tip to the base of the wrist, is larger than the preceding one by about the Fibonacci ratio of 1.618, also fitting the Fibonacci numbers 2, 3, 5 and 8. By this scale, your fingernail is 1 unit in length.

Curiously enough, you also have 2 hands, each with 5 digits, and your 8 fingers are each comprised of 3 sections. All Fibonacci numbers!

The ratio of your forearm to hand is Phi. Your hand creates a golden section in relation to your arm, as the ratio of your forearm to your hand is also 1.618, the Divine Proportion.


Encontrado um website inteiramente e somente dedicado ao Phi Number

The Golden Ratio: Phi, 1.618

E meu comentario postado neste site:

no artigo titulo: What is Phi? (The Basics of the Golden Ratio)

Louis Charles Morelli says

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There is something deeper about Phi and pi, nobody told it yet. The number 1,618 is merely a point that points out a location in the universal formula for all natural systems, called Matrix/DNA. It happens that this location is just where the force that is responsible by replication, or reproduction of things in the system, begins to reproduce the left face of the spherical formula, building the right face. Since the reproduction results into two equal copies, it produces de bilateral symmetry. It happens for example, when the DNA separates into two strands and each one strand replicates itself, resulting two DNA’s.

For understanding it you need see the universal formula at . This formula was found when I was making comparative anatomy between living and non-living system. Extracting the internal energy-circuity of all natural systems I observed that it was resulting all times the same pattern. Big surprise was when founding that the formula is the template behind the building blocks of galaxies and the DNA, the fundamental unit of information.

Now we will understand Phi. This formula built all natural systems and then, we found it encoded into the general light wave resulting from all seven radiations in the electromagnetic spectrum. Here I found why there is the Fibonacci sequence. When the light wave propagates creating the seven layers, each new layer is longer than the anterior, just 0,,618 longer. So, each next layer will be the size of the anterior, which is the unit 1, plus 0618. Since that each layer has its specific size, frequency and vibration, we can see how the natural forces applies different functions, dynamics, to organisms, like the different sizes and functions of the different fingers in a hand. I am discovering lots of other things now, about Phi, registering it as articles in my website. ( if you see the Matrix/DNA formula, Phi is over F5, the reproduction function.


sprial everywhere


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