Mensagem da Matrix/DNA: Nao pregue o “amor entre pessoas”. Video


Estou cansado de ver milhares de autores com seus livros ou websites gastando seu tempo atoa. Desde Jesus Cristo, ou Buda, pregar o “amor incondicional entre todos os humanos”, ha’ milhares de anos atras isto esta demonstrado que nao funciona, a humanidade, ao contrario, continua cada vez mais individualista e competitiva. Porque insister no que esta provado nao funcionar? Mas existe uma outra estrategia para se conseguir o mesmo efeito que traria o “amor entre todos”. Baseada numa lei natural. Me pronuncio sobre este tema ao assistir o video com link a seguir e o meu comentario explicando a mensagem que seria correta:


E meu comentario postado no YouTube:

TheMatrixDNA  8/27/2017

Inviting humans “to love each other”, is waste of time, it is the wrong words. Humans still keeps instincts inherited from animals, like the tendency to big predator or medium predator or prey, with some mixing levels in between. The selfish gene models our psyche with abstract canines or the selfishness and inertia of preys. These words are not useful, love has sexual connotations in minds’ people, how could a man love another man or a woman loving another woman?
Using these words prejudices all information/message in the video. People need know that Nature has a law that benefits a specie where its individuals became truly associated in cooperative group, and discards species that individuals became very adapted and “powerful as predators” composing mafias for domination, stopping their own evolution. It happened with particles when some of them were promoted with the transcendence for atoms systems, happened with stellar systems when they composed galaxies, with multicellular colonies that transcended to complex organisms.
The Law works in the way that all new systems, species, begins coming from the death and transformation of those discarded species or systems. The degeneration and death was due an eternal error: stopping their own evolution, becoming closed system with extreme selfishness. Then, this big sin is fragmented into big number of fractions, each one being a unit of information of the big sin. Then, all these units are facing the sin at others, suffering and fighting it, competition is the rule, till getting hate against the sin. At this level all are exorcized from the sin, the bad instincts, purified, cooperation becomes the ruler, they are transformed to a higher level of existence, as a new better system. For example, the smaller reptiles less predator called cynodont evolving to mammals, while the big predators reptiles like dinosaur are destroyed.
This Law is universal and is coming applied since the Big Bang. So, tell the right thing for this level of evolution: you need searching association with people for economic activities, like working, consumer cooperatives, productive cooperatives, etc. Do not want to be the boss neither the employee, but partner. These words replaces “love” in a way that can works, the final will be same…

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