Como vamos falar com extraterrestres?


O artigo com link abaixo discute esse dificil problema, e como nao poderia deixar de ser, dei meu piteco no assunto publicando la’ o meu comentario abaixo:

Louis Charles Morelli – 10/19/2017

Virus of a cell communicating to virus in other cells? Cells, we know, communicates to other cells. So let’s planet talking to planets, amplifying the voice of Earth. Our signals to aliens’ search must be the most natural possible, like, amplifying Earth’s magnetic field waves in a kind of Morse Code? Technologies are not natural, maybe our kind of technology is unique and not the best, in this galaxy, that’s the problem.
We could sending natural voices of other animals, like: riiinch (horses), pew-pew (chickens), or meow (cats). Maybe we receive an answer: -” Hi, there, we understand pew-pew…” -And Mr. Trump would say: ” Lol… there are avian people out there…let’s sell luxurious nests to them…”