Uma tentativa de iniciar a introduzir a formula da Matrix/DNA na pratica – Voluntario ao setor de ideias desenvolvimentistas da ONU


Ideas For Us Org. – Uma Ong atrelada `a ONU, com sede em Orlando

Me candidatei como voluntario e como motive enviei o comentario abaixo. (verificar se vem resposta via e-mail)

Name: Louis Charles Morelli

Application= 10/30/2017

Nature has applied everywhere the same kind of formula for organizing matter into working systems, from atoms to plants to galaxies to human bodies. We find this pattern template like a diagram of software as a universal pattern, inserted inclusive as the building blocks of DNA. The entire human production and our relations to this biosphere could be automated and optimized if designed upon this formula. because, at the same time the formula designs organisms as opened systems, it can work as a closed system, where all operations are automatized and recycled. So, every time we observes humans economic activity and makes comparisons with the deep natural meanings under the formula we perceive that things could be made in a different way, we have different ideas. Since that you does not know the formula and its meanings because it is not largely published, I would like to know the issues that the organization is trying to solve, maybe I can make contributions or at least bringing on more food for thought. A briefly introduction to formula is at my website, http// , if you have a time, please look there, and I can answer any question. Cheers…

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