Astrocytes: elementos do cerebro ainda envoltos em misterio


(Neurologia, cerebro: precisamos pesquisar mais o que se sabe sobre astrocytes para consultar na formula da Matrix/DNA de onde elas vieram, qual sua funcao sistemica, etc. Digitando “astrocyste” na busca deste meu website aparece outros artigos mencionando-a.)

Astrocytes Orchestrate Neural Connections

astrocytes are shown

An astrocyte (blue) grown in a dish with neurons forms an intricate, star-shaped structure. The locations of neurons’ synaptic proteins are marked in green and purple (neurons themselves are not visible). Overlapping green and purple proteins represent the locations of a synapses. image is credited toJeff Stogsdill, Duke University

Brains are made of more than a tangled net of neurons. Star-like cells called astrocytes diligently fill in the gaps between neural nets, each wrapping itself around thousands of neuronal connections called synapses. This arrangement gives each individual astrocyte an intricate, sponge-like structure


“It didn’t matter if the neurons were dead or alive ” either way, contact between astrocytes and neurons allowed the astrocyte to become complex, Stogsdill said. “That told us that there are interactions between the cell surfaces that are regulating the process.”

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