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Nikolas Kozloff é um jornalista sobre Amazonia e Brazil, que deve ser visto. 


How could you think that the salvage espirit of Amazon Jungle leads us to a world vision that suggests never before thinkable models about cosmology,cellular systems,physics of atoms,the DNA as having ancestors being the matrix of astronomic systems, atoms systems, etc.? A world vision that now arribved to the conclusion that Light is the creator of Life and Universes, showing that a wave of light carries on the DNA code and the dynamics of life cycle?

The inspirations comes from some kind of salvage natural spirit,or from non-rational animals ways for perceiving nature, or from allunations produced by Amazon roots and herbs?

This world vision is being registered at a website called “The Universal Matrix/DNA of Natural Systems and Life’s Cycle” (theuniversalmatrix.com) by a Brazillian and American resident naturalist phylosopher that has lived seven years in the jungle.

If you are interested in this issue ( an unknown aspect of South American culture)after seeing the website (atualizad in Portuguese only, click “Artigos”) maybe writing an article about, my e-mail is austriak727@hotmail.com , Newark, New Jersey, and my only interest is that you could help me to divulgate this issue. Cheers…Louis Morelli