Exemplos da formula mudando e dirigindo destinos das criaturas


1) the Monarch butterfly or the migrant birds, do not decide that they should travel to their spawning grounds, obeying a signal originating somewhere. They just flight.

2) The salmon does not choose self-immolation in order to achieve self-preservation; what the salmon do is what is commanded by some agent to do.

3) The wildebeest stampedes at preordained times, crisscrossing the savannahs and losing to lions and hyenas countless heads of their herd,

4) the apian colony functions efficiently in the same fashion ant and termite colonies do-the work gets distributed; specialized members of the colony are identified and produced in a timed manner to make their appearance when it would benefit the colony as a whole.

These type of balancing of species” sheet is done by means of mechanisms we fancy to call “instinctual”. But, since we believe that there is nothing so lowly as to be regarded as merely instinctual in us-the ones of the largest brain-we prefer to think, instead, that our selections, behavioral patterns, and choices are example of our free will-thus my premise may turn out to be false.

Ou nao. Talvez nao se trate de instintos gozando de livre-arbitrio. Talvez isto venha da hierarquia dos sistemas naturais, como sugere a teoria da Matrix/DNA.

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