Astronomia: mais evidencias para Matrix/DNA?


” Scientists are following a trail of interstellar dust all the way back to the formation of the solar system

” they discovered that GEMS ( glass with embedded metal and sulfides) are made of smaller “sub-grains” that formed before their comet parent; therefore, before our solar system first developed

” With these observations, the researchers think that GEMS could “represent surviving pre-solar interstellar dust that formed the very building blocks of planets and stars,”

” Scientists have been studying GEMS for years, but this team has found compelling evidence that these grains survived the original building phase of our solar system….

“these types of carbon decompose with relatively low heat, according to the statement. Because of this, the researchers think that this dust, and its parent comet, couldn’t have come from the hot, inner solar nebula. Instead, they think the dust more likely formed in a farther, colder, radiation-rich location, such as an outer solar nebula or even a pre-solar molecular cloud, according to the statement. 

Paper deste artigo:

Multiple generations of grain aggregation in different environments preceded solar system body formation

de onde se extrai evidencias como esta:

Cometary IDPs contain varying abundances of a-silicate grains known as GEMS (glass with embedded metal and sulfides). They are prime candidates for the initial bricks and mortar used to make planets because (i) some have been shown to have nonsolar isotope compositions consistent with origins in the outflows of other stars or supernovae… ( ou pulsares…)

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