Mensagem da Matrix/DNA : Apelo ‘a Razao na analise das cosmovisoes existentes


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"Luz - O Espectro Eletro-Magnético pela Teoria da Matrix/DNA"

Life’s cycles of human body identical to an astronomic body

Do you really love nature? But, did you think that Nature does not finishes at earth’s atmosphere? Nature is universal, it is the Universe. So, do you believe that Universal Nature created things like Life, DNA and genetic code, metabolism, sexual reproduction apparatus, etc., only when it was 10 billions years old, and here, at this lost planet?! No and I will give a sample. Look to the picture. It is showing the variety of shapes a human body gets in a life cycle. And is showing the seven kinds of astronomic bodies. Do you believe that Universal Nature created each astronomic body? Why, if it can create all these shapes only applying the process of life’s cycle? Matrix/DNA Theory is showing these theoretical models, everything that has at Earth are evolutionary products from simple beginings at the Big Bang. The spherical circuit of life’s cycle is equal for humans, for galaxies, for atoms. The pregnant woman came from the nuclear vortex, which produces germs of astronomic bodies; the baby is the germ going throght stellar dirt, aggregating matter for growing; the teenager came from the shape of planets; since the astronomic system is hermaphrodit, the planet getting old is transformed into a pulsar; the pulsar has giants volcanoes expelling magma which becomes comets and goes straight on towards the nuclear vortex, the female; pulsar which is the new adult becomes a supernova star, an older adult; the supernova losing its matter becomes a red giant, the senior; and the red giant is fragmented in dust, like human cadavers. Remember: Nature is universal, it has unique process, method for doing things, abiogenesis theory would be called “astronomic embryogenesis with mutation and nannotechnology”, like an adult human body becomes microscopic inside a genome. If you are curious, ask me, I will show where was DNA 12 billions years ago, where was and what shape was the genetic code before life’s origins here. In this way Nature is phantastically more beautiful and lovelly.

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