Mente, autoconciencia: Interessantes abordagens


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Electro-Cute 1 week ago – MJ ENERGY –

That is like with anything. You can’t observe causation, only correlation. What a materialist thinks is that the causation exists. The most fascinating part is not the mind it self. What is most fascinating is the consciousness. Is it the system in it self that is the consciousness? What stops our consciousness from leaking out of our mind? Why do we only experience our own mind and body and not the world around us? We have no scientific concept of consciousness. Anyway, science does not take away the amazingess of the mind.
The mind use to be defined with simple and dull concepts like soul or an ether. but the more we learn about the mind the more amazing it gets. If you want to introduce concepts like ether or stuff like that then you have to explain what that ether is in a meaningful way. Otherwise you have just said a word and are still as ignorant as before. It is okay to be ignorant. To fear ignorance and to lie to your self is only harmful to your self. When we talk about neurons and stuff like that we aren’t saying that there isn’t anything beyond that. Such discovery would just be very exciting. The difference is that we take our time and patience as scientists to make sure that our understanding is the best it can be.
When it comes to what we feel than most studies in to this shows that our brain works faster than our consciousness. It naturally takes 0.25 seconds for the mind to react to visual stimuli. But it takes far less time for your brain to handle that visual stimuli. When you are using your imagination then you are using your memory. The memory is stored signals similar that you have observed. There is fundamentally no difference between the signals sent from your memory and the signals sent from your senses except for the information that is sent by those signals.

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