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It’s no secret that Richard Feynman had little respect for Philosophers: “It isn’t the philosophy that gets me, it’s the pomposity. If they’d just laugh at themselves! If they’d just say, ‘I think it’s like this, but Von Leipzig thought it was like that, and he had a good shot at it too.’ If they’d explain that this is their best guess … But so few of them do; instead, they seize on the possibility that there may not be any ultimate fundamental particle and say that you should stop work and ponder with great profundity. ‘You haven’t thought deeply enough; first let me define the world for you.’ Well, I’m going to investigate it without defining it!”Richard Feynman

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I don’t believe that a real philosopher said that…”let me define the world for you.” We are sure that our poor brain could not process such information. The first job of a real philosopher – before saying anything – when he gets the certificate is: search to know the maximum quantity of data, processes and natural laws collected by all scientific branches > put all these data over the table > try to connect all data with all those laws and process and adding his personal intuition of logic. He certainly will get a new world view never imagined before – that’s what I did getting my ” Theory of The Universal Formula Matrix/DNA Applied by Nature for All Natural Systems, from Atoms to Galaxies to Living Cell Systems”.
After that, it is not time yet for publishing it. It is time for searching evidences, seeing if the new data fit the previsions of the theory, etc. It is what I am doing now. It takes about 50 years of hard work before writing a thesis or a book ( like I am writing now).
Philosophy helps as the exorcist of non-rational animal inherited instincts, like the three that still drives all our social systems: 1) the instinct for big predator ( the 1%); 2) the instinct for medium predator (the medium class) and for prey ( the low class). We still have these absurd social systems due the lack of philosophy.
The difference between the most practical non-rational ancestors animals and those that has exorcized these instincts is due inquiring everything next and beyond… animals doesn’t do that.
And Science without philosophy only discover new things by accident, and those things only inside its actual scope, building a high non-humane technology that leads to the life and brain’s mechanicism. Plank was a philosopher, Einstein, Newton ( included a mystical one), Mendell…etc., because only with philosophy one think outside the box. But of course, one need to be a naturalist philosopher working at least with a small microscope and a small telescope… hands at work. And the better is doing what I did: living 7 years at the middle of Amazon jungle studying that whole biosphere. Like Darwin did 4 years at South America. I got the risk of building a new world view that can be everything wrong if a new data debunks it… but if it happen, I did not lose my life: I am showing to others not going in this way. Trial and error…

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