O corpo e sistemas naturais com hardware biologico e software transcendente


Everything works in Waves . There are no ladders or Grids the marketplace of 20th century was built on. Like numbers , time , years these things are made from the Mind.. Do not exist . Working with the real forces of energy happening is how a company becomes a ” Disruptor” to lead their industry marketplace.

I am a pioneer in biophysics medicine.. How the human system really works. There is the biological functioning system ( hardware ) . Then there is the operating system ( software ) . When you die.. your functioning system the biology the hardware stays on Earth.

The Soft ware operating this biology referred to as YOU transcends some place else when you die while this biology of functions the body stays on Earth. These are 2 separate systems that are made to work brilliantly with each other.. if the connections , the impute is being done correctly.

The impute in 20th century was not correct at all as it was done via power and control with the objective attractor being the $$. This created a deceive is to believe society.. People being tricked into wanting something rather then they being attracted to it.. $$ is a thing. $ is only the result of attractors that allow natural flourishing thriving.. $$ is not the focus nor the objective. Rising human lives to be healthy and good is what will build a healthier more abundant world for all. (read more…

De Cassandra Rose
Founder & Executive Director · Los Angeles

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