Matrix/DNA Theory em nova tentativa de debate no forum da Richard Dawkins Foundation


Open Discussion – December 2018

Hi, everybody! I am not satisfied with humans, their behaviors, social systems, religions, scientific method, etc. Living at Amazon jungle like a single primata I got a new world view totally different than all you know, and I would appreciate if somebody here that advocates and believes in the world view suggested by yours scientific theories want testing them facing a kind of alien.

First of all, I am saying that yours interpretations of this world are away off the beam (again, like when people believed in the Sun orbiting Earth, all species created by magics, etc.). The main cause of yours mistakes is the missing knowledge about “natural systems”. You don’t know neither 5% about what a natural system is. Since human bodies are individual natural systems composed by natural systems like cells and atoms, living inside systems like stellar and galaxies, all these systems are produced and aligned by a unique universal evolutionary lineage and all them are interacting, and you don’t know nothing about systems, all yours theoretical models about them are wrong, not complete, then yours wrong interpretations and world view. Some of this mistakes:

1) There are no origins of life in this Universe. Origins is a bad word, the cause of mystical creationism and mystical materialism. There is a long natural chain of causes and effects coming since the beginnings. And origins of something would mean coming from outside, which does not exist. There is no separation between Cosmological Evolution and Biological Evolution, then, must be an evolutionary link in between, I found it, but humans never search for it. Of course, the link is merely a different shape of the universal system evolving since the beginnings under a unique set of variable mechanisms, which are seven, but Darwinism knows only three of them (VSI – Variation, Selection, Inheritance). Life is another wrong bad word responsible by the disconnection between humans and their creative Nature. There is no division of systems into “living” and “non-living”: I am discovering that all biological properties already were existing at atoms, galaxies, in potential state or expressed, so, if you say that a human body system is alive, you must say that an atom and a galaxy are alive too.

2) Universal evolution, a unique process transforming an initial system into new more complexes shapes, obeying the same rules of life’s cycles, must have a universal genetics with an universal DNA. So, DNA was not created here, it is an evolving product of a universal Matrix/DNA that had the shapes of mechanistic astronomy, atomistic electromagnetism and even, quantum field substance. I found that the real force moving in that quantum field is waves of light and the inner anatomy of a natural light wave is equal the DNA formula.

3) DNA is not a “genetic code”. It is merely a pile of millions of diversified copies of a unique natural system, its fundamental building block, or unit of information. Since that I have decifreid this formula, which is the same formula for atoms and galaxies, and  which is published at my website, my interpretations of the whole world, its meaning and the meaning of human existence are totally different than yours.

I went to live at Amazon jungle as a naturalist philosopher because I was not supporting human civilization and because I was suspecting that at the untouched virgin Nature still there are the witness of the beginnings of this biosphere and they must have the answers to my existential questions. The answers I got are suggesting that you are doing almost everything wrong and Nature usually discards such species. A big cause is that you don’t want to give the necessary evolutionary jump in the scientific method, from reductionism into systemic approach. This world is ruled by a universal systemic formula, which produces systems as living fractals. There are this fractal microscopic shape below you at quantum, atomic level, and its astronomic macroscopic shape above you. You are one of this ling fractal at the middle. If you does not learn what the hell is this fractal, sorry, my fiend, you are going nowhere, like dinosaurs and all others. I suggest that you comes to testing yours world view now. For me will be good because, as a skeptical, I need testing my world view also facing yours criticism. Thanks,… Louis…

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