Luz das estrelas: Mais uma teoria minha sobre fótons e luz


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Here’s How Much Starlight Has Been Created Since the Beginning of the Universe

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I have two layman’s question and some layman’s suggestions:

1) What about the light released by the Big Bang event? It does not fill up the whole universe?

2) If “protons releases photons”, and the stars are formed and composed by hydrogens with these photons, it is not the star that creates light, it was already created and packed into stars. Am I wrong? Why?

My suggestion:

Stars are secondary transmission towers of light, a secondary level of light coming from its primary level, lots time more powerful, which came from the Big Bang or a source that triggered it. Gamma-ray is the first “slice” or shape of light waves, the second is infrared, violet, etc., till radio. I have a theory suggesting the existence of a universal formula that exists at all natural systems, from atoms to galaxies to human beings, I later I found that the complete light wave resulting from the entire electromagnetic spectrum was the first manifestation of this formula in the Universe. The formula is a system built by the process of life’s cycle, which begins with a unique body transforming it into new more complex shapes. An individual human body also is a system, under the process of life’s cycles it is transformed from shapes to new shapes. It happens that the electromagnetic spectrum shows to us that its produced light waves propagates into time/space everything equal as a human body. So, the light shape as gamma-ray behaviours and functions are equal the behaviors and functions of a human baby; the second shape, infrared is equal the human shape as a child. And so on… the light waves dies fragmented into its particles, photons, as humans dies and its cadaver are fragmented… Final conclusion?

These photons from stars are fragments of a died primary light wave that was born with the Big Bang. Since that the primary light  was more powerful, its powerful photons choose the most powerful particles for “reincarnating”, the protons. When these photons are released by protons, they are second generation, less powerful, so, now they need a less powerful particle, the electrons. When atoms released by supernovas they composes biological systems, as human bodies, so, our bodies receives these electrons with these photons of second generation. At planetary atoms these photons gets the control of atoms machinery, like virus gets the control of cells machinery, and these photons drives these atoms to new combinations, emerging the organic matter. These photons have an unconscious and automatic, predetermined purpose: to joining together in the same sequence they was when composing the light wave, so, they tried to drive planetary atoms to re-build the prior system, the result in this new environment and new material is a mutation into biological systems. This was the origins of life here. Our DNA is the atual modern shape of primordial light waves from the Big Bang – re-transmitted and packed by stars. Our genetic code is coming from beyond a source from beyond the Big Bang.  And these gracious, marvellous stars are our grand-grand-mothers…

But, ok, We have only a theory, we need now testing it…

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