Os pregadores da sustentabilidade e salvação da vida estão incentivando o consumismo e a destruição dela, inconscientemente.


Sempre procurando noticias sobre Ciências, cai por acaso num blog intitulado “LIFE SCIENCE EXPLORATION” da escritora cientifica Neah Jain. E lendo um excelente artigo cujo link vai aqui abaixo, não pude resistir a postar no artigo um comentário, que copio a seguir ( esta em inglês, porem estarei traduzindo o comentário e o artigo assim que tiver tempo).

Meu comentário ( não publicado, aguardando moderação). Voltar para ver se ela respondeu:

Louis Charles Morelli | 

Hi, Neah… excuse-me my three cents here.
1) The materialist and nihilist scientific modern world view generated by these modern scientific theories is a culprit, since that it drives the youngers to consumerism. Science does not produces universal theories, like “Big Bang”, abiogenesis, blind evolution, etc.; humans do. And like religions do it, people that are working, thinking and writing about Science are creating a moral code, and this nihilist moral code is against yours definition of “to be sustainable”.
The big secret here is that we can connect all known scientific data in a different way that obeys all known scientific natural laws, getting a total different world view. I did and got it, exposed at my website. But, this different world view drives to a different moral code, a different behavior, just self-educating to be sustainable.
So, sorry my humble opinion, but if you writes supporting these scientific theories you are doing bad, besides personally you are trying to be sustainable, because you are driven lots of people to a wrong way. What do you think?

2) The “Primatas of Park Avenue” ( an interesting book revealing how the most rich people lives at the New York Uptown) reinforces the idea among the 1% that they must buy and consuming all they can, for fostering the economy, for giving back the money to the market and working people. They are the owners of the shares of corporations which is driven people to consumerism. So, they are in the root of this problem. Do you have any idea how to leave yours message for fighting the cause, and not us, the effect? I would appreciate a debate about these issues. Cheers and thanks by the good job.

3) Human consumerism is an effect of non-rational animal genetic inheritance. Larger predators kills all preys in a place, even that they will eat only one or two. Preys has no other purpose in life if not eating all that they can see. So, we will not save humankind if not by exorcising these animals instincts. My world view is a tool for driving people to their self-exorcization. The academic official world view is not. It means that your message is going nowhere. But,… are you going to do different from all that you learned and from what you are getting your surviving?


Copia do artigo para fazer a tradução:

The Art of Sustainable Living


My grandmother passed away a few years ago. She had few possessions: only one suitcase full of clothes and a cabinet of dishes.

Minha mae faleceu a poucos anos atras. Ela tinha poucas posses: somente uma mala cheia de roupas e um armário cheio de pratos.

I thought about how many possessions I had and came to the shocking realization that all my stuff would fill at least five large suitcases. That is when I thought: How many things do I actually use on a daily basis from all the stuff I have? I struggled to think of more than ten items, yet my home is filled to the brim with all kinds of paraphernalia. I felt rather disturbed and guilty when I realized I’ve been hoarding so much stuff for all these years without actually using it.

Eu pensei sobre quantas posses ( quantas coisas, objetos) eu tinha e me veio a chocante conclusão todo meu aparato encheria ao menos cinco grandes malas. Nisto foi quando pensei: Quantas coisas eu realmente uso numa base diária de todas estas coisas que tenho? Eu tive dificuldades em pensar em mais do dez itens, e mesmo assim minha casa esta cheia com toda especie de parafernália. Eu me senti muito perturbada e culpada quando conclui que tenho adquirido tanto bagulho por todos estes anos sem ter usado ele. ( a continuar)…

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