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A New Form of Light? No.

Scientists at MIT reported yesterday that they had discovered a new form of light. They sent a very weak laserbeam through ultracold Rubidium, and claimed to discover photons with mass coming out the other side moving only 3km/s. That’s .00001c. Here is how they explain that:

As a single photon moves through the cloud of rubidium atoms, it briefy lands on a nearby atom before skipping to another atom, like a bee fitting between fowers, until it reaches the other end. If another photon is simultaneously traveling through the cloud, it can also spend some time on a rubidium atom, forming a polariton — a hybrid that is part photon, part atom. Then two polaritons can interact with each other via their atomic component. At the edge of the cloud, the atoms remain where they are, while the photons exit, still bound together. The researchers found that this same phenomenon can occur with three photons, forming an even stronger bond than the interactions between two photons. ( cont. a ler )

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