Debate no Reddit sobre teorias, conhecimento e fé


O autor desta questao se baseou num artigo publicado por: Alister McGrath, Professor of Science and Religion at University of Oxford – em 25th January 2019

Sob o titulo:

Between Knowing and Believing

Can we be certain that what we now think are facts are not merely beliefs?


If once accepted scientific theories have now been displaced by superior alternatives, we should always be cautious that what we now *know* is not simply a belief from philosophy

My comment:

MatrixDNA – 1/31/2019
Yes, and these are “possible” examples with our theories just now:
  1. We see and belief in evolution in the Universe, because we see from inside. But someone seeing from outside could see samething, but knowing that is not evolution, it is merely a process of reproduction… of the “thing” that trigguered the Big Bang, which was not an explosion, but an event of fecundation… Who knows? Same facts, two different interpretation.

  2. There was no origens of life, neither here neither at any other place in this Universe. These agglomerates of galaxies that we call Universe are merely the cells of a bone skeleton, covered by soft complexity, like the soft and more complex meat covers our bone skeleton. But… it is the soft meat that creates the bone skeleton and not the other way around. So, life was already existing before the Big Bang. Besides that, a new bigger theory is discovering that all these “life’s properties” are merely evolution from primitive properties existing at galaxies, atoms. So if you call a cangaroo alive, you should call an atom alive too.

  3. There is no genetic code. DNA has as fundamental unit a base-pair of nucleotides which is a complete system, it works as a system. So, DNA is merely a set or a pile of diversified copies of a unique system, like humanity is a set of 8 billion copies of a unique species, a unique biological system. Is it right saying that “humanity is a code?”. No. So, please, forget genetic code.

And so on, we have many more examples like that. A new big and more rational theory is suggesting that all theories we believe now, are not entirely wrong, but are not complete. We can collect all scientific proved facts, laws, arranging them in a different way, and we get a very different world view with a new Universe that also works and is more beautiful…

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