Porque os humanos deveriam ter que trabalhar duro para sobreviver neste mundo?


Esta pergunta foi feita no Yahoo-Answers e minha resposta em 16 marco 2019:


Why should people have to work “hard” in order to survive in this world?

TheUniversalMatrix Louis Morelli answered at 03/16/19

1) The land is not shared equally. Nobody could be owner of the land more than he/she can works alone and with his hands/tools;

2) Nothing falls from the sky by magics. So, everything we consumed is produced by humans. If we do not use our hands doing it, we are taking it from the producer. We are vampirizing others, like animal predators.

But, if everyone has enough land for his/her house and producing food, nobody needs work more than 3 months a year. If we work hard than this is because we are being robbed or giving our products to others, or selling them for getting something else.

The ideal society should be this kind of equal land for everybody and then, in the other 9 months, neighbors should creating cooperatives for consumed food and factories, industries, for producing from shoes to airplanes. And these 9 months would be a voluntary job.

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